How do I view a PDF on my iPhone email?

How do I view a PDF on my iPhone email?

Open the message so that you can see the attachment link at the bottom of the screen. Tap the PDF attachment to view it. This will open the PDF in the Mail app’s PDF viewer.

How do I get my iPhone to read me a PDF?

Default Text-To-Speech for iOS

  1. On your iPhone, go to the “Settings”. Next, tap “Accessibility”.
  2. Hit “Spoken Content”, then tap the toggle switch for “Speak Selection” to switch it on.
  3. After that, go to your iOS PDF reader, and open a PDF file,
  4. Highlight the text that you want to read and tap “Speak”.

How do I open an attachment on my iPhone email?

How to Open Email Attachments in iPhone Mail App

  1. An email message with an attachment will show a paperclip icon on the message list, next to the subject.
  2. Select a message with an attachment, then select the file where it says Tap to Download in the message itself.
  3. The attachment will open showing you the contents.

Why PDF is not opening in email?

The problem may be that Adobe Acrobat Reader isn’t your default program for opening PDF files. Right-click the . pdf file in the email, select “Save as,” then save it to your hard drive.

How can I get my phone to read PDF?

Open and read PDFs on Android.

  1. Download and install Acrobat Reader from the Google Play Store. Launch the app.
  2. On the bottom menu bar, select Files.
  3. Locate your PDF file on your Android and select it.
  4. Read your document. You can also adjust viewing and scrolling settings to your preferences.

Why can’t I open PDF from my email?

Unsupported file type: This is the most common reason you cannot open PDF. Occasionally some files may erroneously have the default application set to Adobe Reader. This problem is usually an inadvertent human error. Outdated Acrobat or Adobe Reader: An outdated Adobe Reader or Acrobat program will throw this error.

How do I make Adobe Reader default on iPhone?

Unfortunately, Apple does not provide a mechanism for iOS users to set a default app for a given file type (examples: . pdf, . docx) on iPhone/iPad. You just need to continue using “Open in” or “Copy to” to open PDF documents in Acrobat Reader on iOS.

Can Iphone read aloud Adobe?

Acrobat Reader for Android and iOS does not provide an In-App Text-to-Speech feature (“Read Out Loud”) to read a PDF document. There are no buttons or menus to start, pause, or stop reading the contents of a PDF document within the Acrobat Reader app. Amal.

Can you read me a PDF?

Use Adobe Reader TEXT TO SPEECH Open the PDF file in Adobe Reader DC. Go to the page you want read. From the View menu select READ OUT LOUD. Click ACTIVATE READ OUT LOUD.

Why are my PDF files greyed out on iPhone?

Answer: A: When files are grayed out, it is because you are viewing them in the file chooser of an application that cannot open those files, and it means you need a different application that is written to open them.

How do you open a PDF file on an iPhone?

You can highlight,underline,strikethrough,and comment on your PDF;

  • It allows you to scan images from your camera roll and convert them to PDF;
  • It can merge PDF files into a single PDF;
  • It lets you sign PDF with a handwriting signature or pictures;
  • How to read PDF files on your iPhone?

    Read any PDF file on an iPhone. Install the Acrobat Reader app from the App Store. Launch the app. On the bottom menu bar, select Files. Locate the file on your iPhone and select it. You can now scroll through and read your PDF. Reading PDF files gets even easier as you use the app because it knows where your files are located.

    Why Cant I open a PDF file on my iPhone?

    Open the Files app,then tap the bottom Browse option.

  • Tap Locations in the upper-left and choose where your PDF is located (like Dropbox,Google Drive,iCloud Drive,On My iPhone,etc.).
  • Locate the particular PDF you want to open in Books,tap it,and then tap the Share Button.
  • Swipe left or right and locate Open in Books and tap that.
  • How to read PDF Out Loud on iPhone?

    – In the View menu, choose Read Out Loud > Activate Read Out Loud. – Again go to View > Read Out Loud and then choose an appropriate option for reading:To read the current page, choose Read This Page Only.To read the entire document, choose – Check this out- Accessibility features

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