How do you get Templeton in Suikoden 2?

How do you get Templeton in Suikoden 2?

Templeton can be found first at Viktor’s ruined fort, then followed to Toto. Speaking to him there can get him to join. Templeton once again entrusts the Suiko Map to Riou, allowing the player to see a minimap on the screen. You can also talk to Templeton to get a short description of the locations in the game.

How many characters are there in Suikoden 2?

The game features a vast array of characters, with over 100 recruitable characters, of which over 40 are usable in combat.

How do you get a stallion in Suikoden 2?

Run Away (or Let Go) from battles over 50 times, then speak to Stallion in Radat town to race him after progressing the storyline in Two River. If you’ve run away enough, you win and he joins. Stallion grants doubled walking speed while on the field.

How do you get Bob in Suikoden 2?

Speak to Bob in the Kobold section of Two River after your castle is at level 3 and you have recruited at least 80 stars.

How do you get Gilbert in Suikoden 2?

Role in the Game

In order to recruit Gilbert, you must damage his unit during the third major battle. Gilbert must also survive this battle. Gilbert is a leader unit with +7 ATK and +8 DEF. None.

How do I recruit Oulan?

Speak with the woman near the entrance of Kuskus to learn about the bandits attacking women. Exit and return with an all-female party and walk across the bridge. Oulan will save you and join you. You can get Oulan prior to obtaining your headquarters.

Why is Suikoden 2 so expensive?

First, there is a strong fandom for the Suikoden series in spite of the fact that the last installment came out in 2012 but never managed to make it to the West. Second, Suikoden II had poor sales in the West, resulting in limited numbers because there was no more than a single printing.

How do you get Lorelai in Suikoden 2?

To recruit Lorelai, you must first recruit Killey to easily recruit Lorelai in Gregminster. Just put Killey in your party and go to Gregminster and talk to Lorelai and you can recruit her.

How do you save Nanami?

By far the safest (and quickest) way is to simply choose Defend every time. Eventually, the battle will end. When Jowy offers to give you his rune, continue to refuse every time. After you do that enough times, you’ll receive the true ending, wherein Nanami and Jowy both live.

How do you recruit Anita?

There are two ways to recruit Anita.

  1. Speak with her at the tavern in Muse or the inn at Banner Village and complete her requests. Travel in/out of town in order to get more requests from her until she can be recruited.
  2. Speak with Anita at the Banner Village Inn with Valeria in the party. Her level this time is 40.

How do you get killey?

You can recruit him after completing the Twilight Ruins just after you exit. If you do not recruit him at (1a), he leaves and you can find him later standing in front of the Dawn Ruins, where the Prince uses his Rune to open the sealed door.

Where is the fury Rune in Suikoden 2?

Fury rune: The only place to purchase this rune is from Muse rune shop’s rare finds, this city will be inaccessible for a long time so better to stock up as many as you can.

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How do you recruit Lorelei?

Lorelai appears in Suikoden II as one of the 108 Stars of Destiny. She can be recruited in Greminster by speaking to her. The easiest way to is by having Killey in your party. Lorelai is a balanced physical attacker and magic user, and with her spear can operate from the front or rear rows.

Is Nanami dead Suikoden 2?

How do you get the perfect ending in Suikoden 2?

The best ending in Suikoden II has a mixed response from fans. Requiring the player to have recruited all 108 Stars before heading to Rockaxe and having saved Nanami from certain death, this ending gives the original trio a surprisingly bittersweet conclusion.

Who is Tenkyu Star Suikoden 2?

Anita is the Tenkyu Star in Suikoden II. She also appears in Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 2.

Where is killey?

It’s Killey!!!” Killey has several methods to recruit: Bring Cius and Lelei to Agate Prison and talk to him in his jail cell. Killey will later show up an the eastern bridge of your headquarters (Lorelai and Zweig in your party may be needed to trigger this).

Role in the Game.

Default Equipment
Other 3
Other 4

Where can I get Thunder rune in Suikoden 2?

Suikoden 2 Data
Equipped Sold Found
Mazus – RH (fixed) Sierra Mikain – WPN (fixed) Sajah: Rune Shop (epilogue only) Rockaxe: Given by Blue Knight (post liberation)

Where can I buy double beat rune?

The Double-Beat Rune can be found as a drop from CutRabbit and WhiteTiger (these enemies will disappear after certain story events). Allows the user to attack the same enemy twice, but any counter-damage received is doubled.

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Why is Suikoden 2 so Expensive?

Can you save Nanami?

Can Kiba be saved Suikoden 2?

It’s impossible to save Kiba. He always dies.

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