How many Machete Kills movies are there?

How many Machete Kills movies are there?

At the end of the first film’s theatrical version, two sequels are mentioned, Machete Kills and Machete Kills Again. The trailer for the third film titled, Machete Kills Again… In Space, precedes the second film as a “Coming Attraction”. In 2015, Trejo told Halloween Daily News that the third film is happening.

Is Machete Kills a good movie?

“Machete Kills” is every bit as cool, action-packed, fun and entertaining as the 2010 “Machete” movie. If you enjoyed the first movie, then you will most definitely enjoy the sequel. The action is so outrageous and hilarious at the same time, and it is really well pulled off.

Will they make Machete 3?

Danny Trejo claims that he has started working on the third Machete movie alongside director Robert Rodriguez, and they will shoot this year.

How many Machete films are there?

Machete2010Machete Kills2013Machete Kills in Space
Machete Series/Movies

Is Machete Kills Again in space real?

Machete Kills in Space was teased during the second movie as a fake trailer which called the project a “Coming Attraction.” Considering the B-movie sensibilities of the first two films, fans didn’t think it was too off base to expect Machete to go to space and that’s why so many fans still desire it.

Is Spy Kids related to Machete?

Isador Cortez, primarily known under the alias of Machete, is a fictional character in the Spy Kids films, the Grindhouse fake trailer, and the Machete films. The character is played by Danny Trejo.

What is the movie Machete about?

Did they make Machete in space?

Machete Kills director Robert Rodriguez had never planned to make the incredible looking cosmic sequel, Machete Kills in Space, hoping that the trailer would be enough to placate fans of the B-movie franchise.

Is there a sequel to Machete Kills?

Machete Kills in SpaceMachete Kills / Sequel

Is Machete in Planet Terror?

Machete, is a fictional character in the four Spy Kids films, the Grindhouse fake trailer, and the Machete and Machete Kills films.


ExpandPlanet Terror
Grindhouse Planet Terror – Death Proof
Fake Trailers Machete – Hobo with a Shotgun – Werewolf Women Of The S.S. – Don’t – Thanksgiving

Is Spy Kids connected to Machete?

Is the uncle from Spy Kids machete?

Isador “Machete” Cortez is the oldest brother to Gregorio and Marissa Cortez, as well as the uncle to Carmen and Juni Cortez, and is an expert gadget inventor.
Isador “Machete” Cortez.

Isador Cortez
Production Info
First Appearance: Spy Kids

Are they making Machete kills in space?

Is Lava Girl in Spy Kids?

Although the Spy Kids movies and Sharkboy and Lavagirl don’t share any characters and tell separate stories, it’s widely believed by fans that they take place in the same universe due to their visual similarities.

Is machete kills a spin off of Spy Kids?

Spun-off from
In both “Machete” and “Spy Kids”, Danny Trejo plays a character named Machete” Both films were written and directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Is machete a spin off of Spy Kids?

Who is the main character in machete?

MacheteDanny TrejoSartanaJessica AlbaSenator McLaughlinRobert De NiroRogelio TorrezSteven SeagalApril BenzLindsay LohanOsiris AmanpourTom Savini

Is Machete kills in space going to happen?

Will there be a Machete sequel?

Is Machete in the Spy Kids Universe?

Machete makes a cameo appearance in Spy Kids: All the Time in the World, where he is seen tripping in a laboratory when time is frozen by Danger D’Amo (Armageddon).

Is Death Proof and Planet Terror connected?

Planet Terror and Death Proof are separate films, and they come one after the other, not one inside the other. Two of the McGraws (Earl & Dakota) and The Crazy Babysitter Twins in Planet Terror are characters who can transcend Tarantino and Rodriguez’s film Universes like The Wolf (Harvey Keitel) was in Pulp Fiction.

Is Machete kills a spin off of Spy Kids?

Is Spy Kids 4 Canon?

Trejo jokingly stated “that’s what Uncle Machete does when he’s not taking care of the kids”, while Rodriguez stated on a Reddit AmA that the Spy Kids and Machete films are alternate universes, meaning they’re non canon.

What was Robert Rodriguez’s first movie?

Spy Kids2001From Dusk Till Dawn1996Alita: Battle Angel2019Machete2010El Mariachi1992Sin City2005
Robert Rodriguez/Movies

What age is Spy Kids for?

7- to 12-year-olds

Spy Kids has just the right combination of giddy fantasy, exciting adventure, wonderful special effects, and sly comedy to be ideal for 7- to 12-year-olds and their families. It’s also notable for featuring strong female characters and and characters and performers from the Latino culture.

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