How much does a 27 Ranger Tug weigh?

How much does a 27 Ranger Tug weigh?


Engine Yamaha F300 outboard engine
Fuel capacity 150 US gal 567.8 L
Water capacity 40 US gal 151.4 L
Waste capacity 30 US gal 113.6 L
Weight, dry 7,700 lbs 3,493 kg

How fast does a Ranger Tug go?

Cruising speed is 15 to 17 mph, with a top end of around 20 to 22 mph. The single-level interior layout is complete. There’s a full galley to port in the saloon, with a dinette that converts to a berth across the way to starboard.

How much does a Ranger Tug 23 weigh?


Engine Yamaha F200 outboard
Fuel capacity 80 US gal 302.8 L
Water capacity 22 US gal 83.3 L
Waste capacity 11 US gal 41.6 L
Weight, dry 6,000 lbs 2,7222 kg

Are Ranger Tugs Trailerable?

The Ranger Tugs product line now spans the range from the tiny tug that could, the R-21EC, to the R-27 with an extended sport cockpit, to this new R-31. All are trailerable, although the largest two models, the R-29 and R-31, with 10′ beams, will require special towing permits in many states.

How much does a Ranger Tug weigh?


Length Overall 28’5″ 8.6 m
Beam 8’6″ 2.6 m
Dry Weight 5,600 lbs. 2,540 kg
Draft 34″ 86 cm
Fuel Capacity 99 gallons 375 L

How much does a Ranger tug weigh?

What is the Ranger Tugs R-25?

The Ranger Tugs R-25 combines get-there-fast speed with cruise-anywhere creature comforts. The Ranger Tugs R-25 combines get-there-fast speed with cruise-anywhere creature comforts.

What do you need to know about a Ranger tug?

The Ranger Tugs R-25 is sold fully equipped and ready to cruise with an expansive selection of premium features and outfitted in one of two packages. Most commonly used in colder climates where air conditioning would not be necessary. Equipped with diesel forced air heater, and downrigger plugs and pads.

Do you need a big pocket for R-25 tugs?

Well, you need a pretty big pocket, but in the case of the Ranger Tugs R-25, we say yes. The all-new Ranger Tugs R-25. Photo by Brian Dickhaut, courtesy of Ranger Tugs Sometimes you look at a boat and can’t help but wonder how in the world someone dreamed up a particular feature, design tweak, or integrated accouterment.

Where can I buy an R25 tug boat in Seattle?

Ranger Tugs dealers offer in-depth training on the boat’s systems and operation. The company also offers pickup of new boats in Seattle, so owners can cruise, then have the R-25 shrink-wrapped and shipped to their home port. LOA: 28ft. 5in.

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