How much horsepower does 2000 Mustang Cobra R have?

How much horsepower does 2000 Mustang Cobra R have?

385 horsepower
Share this. The 2000 SVT Mustang Cobra R debuted as the fastest factory Mustang ever produced. Its SVT-developed, naturally aspirated 5.4-liter V-8 produced 385 horsepower, good for 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds, the quarter-mile in 13.2 and a 170-mph top speed.

How much is a Mustang Cobra R Worth?

A: The average price of a Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R – SN-99 – 4th Gen is $70,129.

How rare is a Cobra R?

Many Ford fans consider the 2000 SVT Cobra R as one of the greatest Mustangs; it was modern and rare, with only 300 units produced. This example could be rarer, as it is barely touched and driven with just 372 miles on its odometer.

How much is a 2000 Shelby Mustang?

About the 2000 Ford Mustang

Coupe Original MSRP/Price Engine
Mustang 2dr Cpe $16710 / $15292 6 Cylinder
Mustang 2dr Cpe GT $21205 / $19292 8 Cylinder
Mustang 2dr Cpe SVT Cobra $27605 / $24988 8 Cylinder

What is the Terminator engine?

Powered by a supercharged 4.6-liter engine instead of the Cobra’s 5.4-liter V-8, the Terminator came with 390 horsepower and 390 pound-feet of torque on tap, along with unique design features and updates.

Is the 2000 Mustang GT a good car?

We have owed Mustang Gt’s in the past and know they are a great car. We are not disappointed in our purchase of the 2000 Mustang GT. Easy to manage, comfortable, smooth nice ride

Where can I find a 2000 Ford Mustang GT?

Search radius has been expanded in order to return matching results. You can find this 2000 Ford Mustang GT and many others like it at Apollo Auto Sales . Let a little sunshine in.

What kind of wheels does a 2000 Mustang GT have?

2000 Ford Mustang GT Mustang GT’s gained the hood, side scoops and pedestal rear spoiler from the 1999 35th anniversary edition giving the car a much more aggressive appearance. Also new was the addition of a new 17-inch alloy wheel with styling that mimicked the beloved five spoke Torq-Thrust wheels from the 1960’s.

What kind of engine does a 2000 Ford Mustang have?

Description: Used 2000 Ford Mustang . Black 2000 Ford Mustang GT RWD 4-Speed Automatic with Overdrive 4.6L V8 SOHC 16V Limited run Roush Stage 2 with body kit and suspension. Must see!

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