Is agiliti health a good company to work for?

Is agiliti health a good company to work for?

Is Agiliti a good company to work for? Agiliti has an overall rating of 3.3 out of 5, based on over 472 reviews left anonymously by employees. 55% of employees would recommend working at Agiliti to a friend and 47% have a positive outlook for the business.

Is Belkin a good place to work?

Belkin is a great company to work for. Great people, products, workplace and more… Opportunity for advancement and growth. Great pay and they treat their people fairly.

How many employees does Greif have?

Our People Greif places the utmost importance on protecting, engaging and developing a diverse workforce. More than 12,000 colleagues work in 224 production, warehouse, and office locations in 37 countries.

How much is agiliti health worth?

Agiliti net worth as of May 25, 2022 is $2.37B. Agiliti Inc. is an essential service provider to the healthcare industry.

How many employees does agiliti health have?

Agiliti has around 3,800 employees nationwide.

How many people work for Belkin?

1,001 employees
A large technology company with 1,001 employees and an annual revenue of $428.8M, Belkin is headquartered in California. Belkin is a leader-driven technology innovator in its various product lines, consistently expanding into new and groundbreaking global markets.

Who is the CEO of BrightStar?

Shelly Sun –
Shelly Sun – CEO and Founder – BrightStar Care | LinkedIn.

Where is agiliti based?

Where is Agiliti headquarters? Agiliti headquarters is located at 11095 Viking Dr Suite 300, Eden Prairie. Where are Agiliti offices? Agiliti has offices in Eden Prairie, Albuquerque, Andover, Beaverton and in 72 other locations.

Who owns agiliti health?

Thomas H. Lee PartnersAgiliti / Parent organization

Who is the CEO of Belkin?

Chet Pipkin (Sep 9, 2011–)Belkin / CEO

Who is the CEO of Bright Star?

CEO Shelly Sun
With a background in accounting rather than home care, BrightStar Care founder and CEO Shelly Sun has embodied changemaking from the inception of her company, which today is a franchiser of in-home care services spanning more than 340 locations in the U.S. with several lines of business.

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