Is Atikamekw a Cree?

Is Atikamekw a Cree?

Atikamekw is a language belonging to the Cree–Montagnais–Naskapi linguistic continuum, which is part of the Central branch of the Algonquian languages of the Algic family of languages. It is sometimes classified as a dialect of Cree. The Atikamekw reflex of Proto-Algonquian liquid (“L” sound) *l is [ɾ] (spelled ‘r’).

Where did Atikamekw live?


The Atikamekw are the Indigenous inhabitants of the subnational country or territory they call Nitaskinan (‘Our Land’), in the upper Saint-Maurice River valley of Quebec (about 300 kilometres (190 mi) north of Montreal), Canada. Their current population is around 8,000.

Are Atikamekw Algonquin?

Atikamekw nehiromowin is the language of the Atikamekw Nation, covering the communities of Manawan, Opitciwan, and Wemotaci in Quebec. It is a part of the Algonquin language family, and is sometimes classified as a Cree dialect. Atikamekw is written using the Latin alphabet using 15 letters.

How many people speak Atikamekw?

While Atikamekw is still the predominant language spoken by about 8,000 people across Nitaskinan, the traditional territory of the Atikamekw Nation, Thérè​​​​​​​se Ottawa said young parents are speaking it less to their children at home.

Did the Cree have a written language?

The Cree language can be written using syllabics, which are symbols that represent a combination of consonant and vowel, or only a consonant or vowel.

What is I love you in Cree?

This week’s phrase is “kisâkihitin” which means “I love you” in Cree.

What is hello in Cree?

The Oji-cree word for “Hello” is “Waachi’ye”

What does HIY HIY mean in Cree?

thank you
I was told that “hiy hiy or hay hay” (however you want to spell it) was only used by elders as they ended a prayer. It was not used as a general term to express “thank you”, the way it is today. I was lucky enough to be around a group of elderly people as they spoke of this.

How do you say Girl in Cree?

Iskwesis (iss-skwee-sis) this means. Girl in English. this means Girl in English.

What does kiyam mean in Cree?

let it be
Kiyam means “let it be” in Cree, Michif and Bungi. It is also sometimes understood as: oh well, it’s alright, never mind, and think nothing of it.

How do u say my love in Cree?

What does Kiya mean in Cree?

cree-english correspondences

kiya êkwa nikâwînân ê-kî-tawinamawiyâhk. You and Mom, the two of you cleared a space by hand for us.
ayiwâk nawac kikî-tawinikân. You made more space.
ôma nêhiyawêwin this Cree language
êkwa ôma nêhiyaw-isîhcikêwin and this Cree culture

How do you say dad in Cree?


  1. nôhtâwiy – my father (NOOH-tah-wee)
  2. kôhtâwiy – your father (KOOH-tah-wee)

How do you say my love in Cree?

What is sweetheart in Cree?

Nicimos (nee-chee-moose) means sweetheart in the Cree language and the word is most appropriate for the lives of the three women.

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