What age does GameStop hire in NJ?

What age does GameStop hire in NJ?

least 18 years old
Must be at least 18 years old* 2 years in retail sales, customer service, and/or management experience preferred. Fun and enthusiastic personality… desire to interact with customers and provide an incredible customer experience.

Is it hard to get a job at GameStop?

Getting a job with Gamestop is far from easy. You will face a tough competition, and you should do something to stand out with your application. There are several ways of standing out. One is having a connection in the store (you can build one over time), another one is giving fantastic interview answers…

Can you work at GameStop under 18?

Minors must be at least 16 to work for GameStop. Does GameStop Hire at 14?-No. Only individuals 16 and over can gain employment with this company.

Is it worth it to work at GameStop?

Not a good place to work Absolutely not worth the headache. Unrealistic sales goals and quotas to meet. They treat you as a specialized sales person yet they pay minimum wage and no commission or bonuses. Stay away.

What do I need to work at GameStop?

GameStop employee requirements

  • Must be at least 18-years of age.
  • Fun and enthusiastic personality.
  • Desire to interact with customers.
  • Incredible customer service skills.
  • Knowledge of the video game industry.

What’s working at GameStop like?

A normal day would consist of helping customers with any questions about a game or console their interested in. Taking in trade-in, re-shelving games, and overall keeping the store clean. Management was basically non-existent. If you don’t like being pressured into upselling then I wouldn’t recommend this job.

How much do GameStop employees make in New Jersey?

GameStop in New Jersey Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Sales Associate salaries – 7 salaries reported New Jersey $24,545/yr
SGA salaries – 6 salaries reported New Jersey $22,741/yr
Store Leader salaries – 6 salaries reported New Jersey $41,636/yr
Shift Leader salaries – 6 salaries reported New Jersey $30,319/yr

Is GameStop a fun place to work?

Cool place to work Good starter or in-between job but definitely not a good career job. Benefits are excellent but the pay is super low and not competitive with what’s offered by similar retailers. Expectations are about the same if not higher than similar jobs but the training is great for people to get experience.

How much does GameStop pay an hour in NJ?

Average GameStop Store Manager hourly pay in New Jersey is approximately $17.12, which is 9% above the national average.

Why is GameStop the worst company to work for?

Glassdoor.com data fuels report with employee reviews Workers cited a high-sales pressure environment, poor attention to customer needs and a high employee turnover as definitive attributes of GameStop’s business.

What skills do you need to work at GameStop?

Knowledge and Requirements Some job requirements include basic mathematical skills, organizational and alphabetizing skills, and the ability to lift and handle merchandise of varying weight.

How many hours do GameStop employees get?

GameStop’s working hours are nine am to nine pm.

How much do GameStop employees make in NJ?

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