What does ATI Super Damper do?

What does ATI Super Damper do?

In contrast, the ATI Super Damper employs a combination of O-rings and a unique, full-captured inertia ring to dampen harmful crankshaft vibrations. This configuration allows the damper to actually absorb crankshaft harmonics over a wide rpm range.

Is ATI a fluid damper?

Viscous fluid dampers are not only ineffective but are actually detrimental at high RPM’s. The solution? The ATI Torsional Super Damper® – the unconventional, unbonded elastomer Super Damper™ that is actually 2 dampers in 1 diameter.

Are fluid dampers any good?

If you have made any performance modifications to the engine, a fluid damper is a good idea. A performance type fluid damper is a must if your hot rod is going to be running in competitive events that require an SFI 18.1 spec harmonic balancer.

How do I know what size damper I need?

A simple formula of Width X Height divided by 144 will give you the square footage of a damper. Example: The damper in question is 45 inches X 23 inches using the formula. 45 X 23 = 1035 divided by 144 = 7.1875 square feet of damper area.

Can a harmonic balancer cause vibration?

Engine Vibrations The harmonic balancer’s job is to dampen vibrations applied to the crankshaft. As a result, when the balancer fails, you may feel a significant vibration from the engine compartment.

Are all LS balancers the same?

There are three main OEM designs of LS harmonic balancers. Each differs with the pulley offset to drive accessories. In general, the following stock fitments apply: Short offset for Chevy Corvette, Cadiliac CTS-V, and Pontiac G8.

Does damper size matter?

As a rule of thumb, the longer the stroke and greater the torque, the larger the diameter and mass. However, larger dampers can affect the acceleration and revving ability of an engine, so the right diameter and mass can help you strike the right balance.

Are dampers the same as shocks?

The proper name for shock absorbers is “damper” as it serves to dampen motion. While shock is absorbed by the spring, the damper functions to modulate the oscillations (bouncing). The unique feature of a damper is that its resistance to motion is proportional to how fast the motion occurs.

Does harmonic balancer affect performance?

So as you can see, making sure your harmonic balancer matches the power output of your engine is pretty important. The right harmonic balancer will not only help your engine last longer, but it will also make sure it performs at the highest level possible so you can use every ounce of horsepower.

How do you set dampers?

To adjust the damper lever, you will need to turn it to the left or right. If you want to close the damper, you will need to turn the damper lever in the opposite direction of the duct. If you want to open the damper, you will need to make sure it is running in line with the flex duct.

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