What does substantive representation mean?

What does substantive representation mean?

Under representative democracy, substantive representation (in contrast to descriptive representation) is the tendency of elected legislators to advocate on behalf of certain groups. Conflicting theories and beliefs exist regarding why constituents vote for representatives.

What is substantive representation quizlet?

Substantive Representation. the ability of a legislator to represent the agenda or interests of a group to which he or she does not personally belong.

What is mirror representation?

Mirror representation rests upon the core idea that in a democracy which is representative of the people it must be comprised, mirrored by, a similar proportion of each segment of the population who brought that government into power.

What is functional and territorial representation?

‘Functional’ actors include associations for business interests, the professions, and trade unions, as well as ‘NGOs’ and social movements; territorial based entities include public actors (such as regional and local government), as well as actors primarily organised at territorial level.

What are analogical and symbolic representations?

Analogical representations capture some of the actual characteristics of what they represent; symbolic representations bear no such relationship to what they represent. ANALOGICAL REPRESENTATIONS. Mental images have many picture-like properties, as is shown by studies of mental rotation and image scanning.

What is another word for symbolic representation?

What is another word for symbolic representation?

iconography drawing
icon ikon
image logo
motif picture

What is collective representation give an example?

The cross is one example of a collective representation. Collective representations are symbols or images that have a common significance amongst members of a group in that they convey ideas, values, or ideologies.

Who said sociology is the science of collective representation?

The concept of ‘collective representations’ is a major contribution of Durkheim’s social theory. In fact, Durkheim’s later work (1897 onwards) can be seen as a systematic study of ‘collective representations’.

What is the functional representation?

Definition of functional representation : representation in legislative or other political bodies based on the economic and social groups of a community.

What do you mean by proportional representation system?

Proportional representation (PR) refers to a type of electoral systems under which subgroups of an electorate are reflected proportionately in the elected body. The concept applies mainly to geographical (e.g. states, regions) and political divisions (political parties) of the electorate.

What is meant by functional representation?

Who expressed the view that equality is unnatural and undesirable?

Q. Who expressed the view that “equality is unnatural and undesirable”?
B. aristotle
C. hobbes
D. hegel
Answer» b. aristotle

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