What does the Pearl do FNaF World?

What does the Pearl do FNaF World?

Pearl: Heals the party, can be unlocked by getting five pearls in a row from Deedee’s fishing minigame, the Pearl doesn’t count towards your byte limit, just like the Fan so you can have more bytes than the byte limit.

Where are the Bytes in FNaF World?

The completed Bytes selection screen. Bytes are a type of equipment found in FNaF World which can be purchased from Lolbit’s Byte Store.

Where are all the Lolbit in FNaF World?

You can buy Bytes at this shop. Lolbits Byte Store isn’t a normal shop however, as Lolbit appears to be a travelling merchant, as he/she is seen in several areas of the game. There are only two areas in the game that Lolbit does not appear in. These places are Lillygear Lake and Pinwheel Funhouse.

When was the bite of 83 FNaF?

jan 1, 1983 – The Bite Of 83.

Can you unscrew Chica’s magic rainbow?

Once fully charged, Chica’s Magic Rainbow unleashes a rainbow-colored beam that deals multiple 99999 hits to the player’s party. Unblockable and causes an instant Game Over.

Is the the bite of 87 real?

The bite of 1987 is in reference to an occurrence that happened in a fictional video game in the horror video game released in 2014 called Five Nights at Freddy’s. It is believed that the bite causes the victim to lose the frontal lobe of his or her brain.

How much HP does Chipper’s Revenge have?

Chipper’s Revenge is the boss with the second highest health (about 200000 HP), only behind Chica’s Magic Rainbow. Before deactivating, he says that he will be the one that will “Be sharpening his teeth on your bones,” implying that he will return in some form someday.

How many cupcakes are in Freddy in space?

Cupcake Locations. Weapon upgrades in this game appear as Chica’s Cupcake. There are 9 total and each will make Freddy’s blaster more powerful, shoot quicker, and have longer reach.

Is El chip a bear?

El Chip is a mid-sized beaver animatronic and part of the Posh Pizzeria band.

How much health does Chica’s Rainbow have?

Its health is the highest in the game (about 300000-400000), and its attacks can kill the entire group very quickly.

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