What feeling does the poet explore in the line our memory suddenly sharpened examines gnaws on kind words unsaid why?

What feeling does the poet explore in the line our memory suddenly sharpened examines gnaws on kind words unsaid why?

Question 4: What feeling does the poet explore in the line ‘Our memory, suddenly sharpened, examines, gnaws on kind words unsaid? Why? Answer: In this line the poet explores the feeling of anger and regret as she highlights the baggage of having unexpressed feelings in the heart, that a person experiences.

How does the poet offer hope to those who have suffered a loss?

Answer. Explanation: Explanation: By the expression ‘money is external’ the poet signifies that money can never bring the luxurious in one’s life. However when it comes to what is lost, money cannot help as it cannot bring back our feelings and emotions towards the particular thing or person.

What regret does the poet mention in the poem?

Answer:The poet Robert Frost regret the decision of not being able to choose both the roads at one time & left stuck with only one road ( the less travelled one) on which he decided to walk the journey of his life. Explanation: The poem portrays the dichotomy in human life…

How does the poet describe the killing of a tree?

The poet says that the act of killing a tree is a ceremonial task. The tree grows up consuming nutrients from the soil and absorbing sun, air and water and becomes stronger. A simple jab with a knife, or hacking and chopping cannot kill a tree, because the tree will regenerate.

Why does the speaker want to be a tree?

Why does the speaker wish to be a tree? Answer: It is clear from the poem that the speaker has suffered the bane of discrimination in human society. His statement that if he were a tree no bird would ask him what caste he is, makes it clear that the speaker is made to feel ashamed of his caste repeatedly.

How does the poet react to the loved ones death?

The poet is shocked and surprised at the death of his loved one. It feels painful. Death does not make anyone feel good. It is always associated with misery.

What feelings did the poet have after death?

Ans : The poetess felt lonely when her grandmother died. Her blood froze and became cold like the moon. She felt sad and sorrowful because her grandmother loved her deeply. She felt proud in her grandmother’s presence.

What does the poet not wish for?

Answer. Answer: Answer: The poet express his wish that the tigers should live forever and never become extinct. Tigers forever is a beautiful poem written by Ruskin Bond in which he expresses his wish that the tigers should live forever and never become extinct.

Why did the poet’s mother not allow the champak tree to be cut?

The poet’s mother flashes her temper, like her “twisted silver”, on hearing that the Champak trees have to be cut down. She would not let her children cut down a flowering tree. The Champak tree is almost as old as her. Hence the mother stubbornly refuses to have the trees cut down.

What is a good poem about the death of a sister?

Although your family may feel broken after the passing of a sister, this poem reassures you that God will mend your family one day when you are all reunited in heaven. God was to call your name. in death we do the same. You did not go alone. The day God called you home. You are always at our side. The chain will link again.

What is Maya Angelou’s poem about death?

Though poems about death are sad, much of Maya Angelou’s work still possesses a kind of hopefulness. Take a look. 9. “Refusal” Angelou’s “Refusal” is a short poem about death and longing.

How old are the Sisters at the end of the poem?

At the close of the poem, both sisters are in their mid-30s, having children of their own and making very special memories. 7. “An Order Prescribed, by Is. W., to two of her Younger Sisters Serving in London” by Isabella Whitney

What is the poem Sisters by Alan Shapiro about?

2. “Sisters” by Alan Shapiro Shapiro’s poem was written for his sister, Sheila. Shapiro’s verses slowly wind through the stages of grief. He desperately wants to think of his sister without her death as the main focus. But that’s all he feels when he thinks of her, which adds even more pain to his loss.

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