What is a radioimmunoassay test used for?

What is a radioimmunoassay test used for?

Radioimmunoassay technique (RIA) is a very sensitive in vitro technique used to measure the concentration of antigens (eg, hormone levels in the blood) through the use of antibodies directed against these antigens.

What is the major advantage of radioimmunoassay?

The advantages of RIA are its relative simplicity and the high sensitivity provided by the use of radioactive compounds. However, there are several disadvantages as well: high specific activity-radiolabeled hormones and a scintillation counter are required, and they may not be easily available.

Why is iodine 125 used in radioimmunoassay?

The most commonly used radioisotope for RIA is an isotope of iodine called iodine-125 (125I). Iodine-125 offers several advantages, such as it can be prepared with very high specific activity and with almost 100% isotopic abundance.

What is tracer in radioimmunoassay?

The basic principle of radioimmunoassay is competitive binding, where a radioactive antigen (“tracer”) competes with a non-radioactive antigen for a fixed number of antibody or receptor binding sites.

What is RIA and its principle?

What is the principle of RIA? RIA is performed by using antibody-antigen binding and radioactive antigen. The basic principle of RIA is competitive binding reaction, where the analyte (for example, antigen) competes with radio-labeled antigen for binding to the fixed antibody or the binding sites of receptor.

Which instrument is used for radioimmunoassay?

The two most vital equipments essentially required for radioimmunoassay (RIA) are, namely : (i) Centrifuge, and (ii) Radioactive Counters. (ii) Radioactive Counters.

What are the limitations of RIA?

Disadvantages of RIA (Radioimmunoassay)

  • Radiation hazardous .
  • Require special arrangements for storage of radioactive material.
  • The high cost of waste disposal.
  • Lengthy counting time.
  • There are some difficulties in the automation of this assay.
  • The reaction time is long due to the use of highly diluted reagent.

What is Application of RIA?


RIA is used in the assay of drug like amphetamine,barbiturates,digitoxin,morphine etc. In analysis of vitamine like riboflavin,folic acid.

What are the types of RIA?

There are two different methods of RIA that are commonly employed for drug detection in biological matrices, double-antibody RIA and coated-tube RIA. With double-antibody RIA, a second antibody is added to facilitate precipitation of the bound primary antibody.

What is the application of RIA?

Why do we use RIA?

A RIA is a very sensitive in vitro assay technique used to measure concentrations of substances, usually measuring antigen concentrations (for example, hormone levels in blood) by use of antibodies.

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