What is an agitator in history?

What is an agitator in history?

Agitators, or adjutators, was the name given to representatives elected in 1647 by the different regiments of the English Parliamentary army. The word really means an agent, but it was confused with “adjutant,” often called “agitant,” a title familiar to the soldiers, and thus the form “adjutator” came into use.

What is the role of agitator in fermenter?

The purpose of the agitator is to provide good mixing so that the temperature of water is uniform inside the tank—that is, it does not vary from one location to another inside the tank.

What did MLK mean by outside agitator?

Martin Luther King Jr. were arrested after demonstrating in Birmingham, Ala., in April 1963. Associated Press. During the civil rights movement, the term “outside agitator” often implied links to communism, which officials used as a boogeyman to distract from demonstrators’ demands for basic human rights.

What is agitator bearing?

The steady bearing in an agitator is designed to stabilize the agitator shaft during operation. While the agitator shaft rotates, high radial loads are absorbed by the agitator bearing or bushing. Plastic or filled-PTFE agitator bearings will often deform under high loads–an undesirable phenomenon known as creep.

What is difference between aeration and agitation?

1. A process in which air is introduced to increase concentration of oxygen in liquids is called as Aeration. Microbial cells uniform suspension in homogeneous nutrients medium is called as Agitation.

What are synonyms for badass?

Words related to badass agitator, rebel, demagogue, dissident, fighter, frondeur, renegade, sparkplug.

What is the meaning of the phrase outside agitators?

Outside agitator is a racial term. The term means that protests are somehow less legitimate and really run by people who are, not black, usually white people, who are not local — people who are from different parts of the country or different parts of the world.

Who are the outside agitators?

Outside agitator is a term that has been used to discount political unrest as being driven by outsiders, rather than by internal discontent.

What are the four basic steps in a nonviolent campaign?

“In any nonviolent campaign there are four basic steps: collection of the facts to determine whether injustices exist; negotiation; self purification; and direct action.”

What is steady bearing?

So what is a steady bearing? An industrial mixer steady bearing is a guide bushing that is usually installed in a mounting on the floor of the mixing vessel. The end of the mixer shaft is inserted into the bushing. The steady bearing restricts shaft deflections caused by unbalanced hydraulic loads induced by mixing.

What is reinforced bearing?

Reinforced bearings have a strong, dual-layer design that renders them nearly infallible in heavy-duty applications. But their greatest advantage is that their secondary layer of material will protect running hardware in the (rare) event of a bearing liner breakthrough.

What is the significance of agitation?

Agitation is the most critical operation in maintaining available storage in liquid manure systems. Failure to properly agitate will likely result in a continuing buildup of settled solids that are not removed. The result is less and less available storage as time goes by.

What is agitator?

2. to try to arouse public feeling and action. That group is agitating for prison reform. 3. to shake. The tree was agitated by the wind. a person who tries constantly to stir up public feeling. a political agitator. Want to thank TFD for its existence?

What does it mean to agitate someone?

The verb agitate more commonly means to make someone feel anxious or to stir something up, like how a storm agitates the ocean. Calling someone an agitator often implies that they are trying to stir things up and change the status quo, especially in a way that’s controversial.

What is an agitation bar?

This is a device formed by a metallic bar (called the agitation bar) which is normally covered by a plastic layer, and a sheet that has underneath it a rotatory magnet or a series of electromagnets arranged in a circular form to create a magnetic rotatory field.

How does a magnetic agitator work?

During the operation of a typical magnetic agitator, the agitator bar is moved inside a container such as to dissolve a substance in a liquid. The container must be placed on the sheet, so that the magnetic field influences the agitation bar and makes it rotate. This allows it to mix different substances at high speeds.

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