What is C test in Pony Club?

What is C test in Pony Club?

‘C’ Test riders should be able to ride confidently and in balance in trot and canter on the flat, and up and down hills. They should be capable of jumping small cross country fences, and be able to prepare the pony beforehand and deal with it afterwards. They will also be required to trot without stirrups.

How do you qualify for the pony club champs?

How do I qualify? Each Pony Club Area will hold a qualifying competition, where a number of teams and individuals will progress through to the Championships. To qualify for The Pony Club Championships you must compete at your Area competition. Eventing 2022 Championship results are on Pony Club results.

What should I wear to the Pony Club test?

You should wear a tweed jacket, with Pony Club badge and felt on the left lapel. Shirt and Pony Club tie. Gloves, correctly fitted body protector for jumping, medical armband, Jodhpur boots and half chaps.

What is Pony Club ah test?

What are Pony Club Tests? The Pony Club Training structure encourages members to take tests which enables them to learn progressively about horse and pony care and riding. The tests are taken at recommended ages and are designed with certain objectives in mind – see below for the order in which tests are taken.

What is Pony Club B test equivalent to?

Pony Club B Test

B Test is the equivalent of BHS Stage 3 and allows direct entry at that level, subject to certain criteria.

Can you teach with Pony Club B test?

Pony Club Members who are 16 yrs or older and hold B test (some exceptions for C+) and are enthusiastic to teach at D/D+ level.

Can you join Pony Club without a pony?

You don’t need to own a pony to join The Pony Club!

Where is Pony Club Championships?

Offchurch Bury
Taking place on August 13th-22nd 2021 at Offchurch Bury in Warwickshire, we look forward to celebrating 7 of The Pony Club sports coming together for fun, friendship, horsemanship and sport.

What is the highest level of Pony Club?

The A Certification is the highest riding certification available to USPC members. The A is able to ride mounts at various levels of schooling with judgment, tact and effectiveness; to train young mounts; and to retrain spoiled mounts.

Can you wear white jodhpurs for Pony Club?

must wear clean, well fitting, safe, tack and boots (if your horse would normally wear boots). Check stitching, especially on reins, stirrups and girth straps. May wear a plain (not embroidered) white, brown, navy or black numnah or saddlecloth.

Can I teach with Pony Club B test?

Who is this course is for? Pony Club Members who are 16 yrs or older and hold B test (some exceptions for C+) and are enthusiastic to teach at D/D+ level.

Can adult join The Pony Club?

Anyone under the age of 25 can join as long as you wish to learn more about riding and horse care. You’ll also need a lot of enthusiasm and a great love for horses! You don’t even need to own your own pony to be part of The Pony Club.

Who is this Esme sponsored by?

Esme has worked with the FEI, has recently been part of Virtual Eventing, and is a proud ambassador for The Brooke charity. She has also attracted sponsorship from a number of brands and has worked with some great riders on big campaigns.

What is grassroots dressage?

The Pony Club Grassroots Regional Championships are an entry level team competition in Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing which are ideal for the more novice Branch and Centre Members. They’re a perfect stepping stone for anyone looking to compete at The Pony Club Championships in the future!

What does A1 mean in show jumping?

A1 – As above but the prizes are shared between those on the same points. The judge can ask for another round but again it’s for a clear round within the time. AM3 – Again just aiming for a clear round but if the 1st placing is tied on points then those competitors may be asked to do another round against the clock.

What is The Pony Club B test equivalent to?

BHS Stage 3
Pony Club B Test

What should I bring to The Pony Club?

From body protectors to chaps and riding boots; make sure you have everything you need for a fun-filled day at pony camp.

For the pony:

  • Their rider!
  • Pony’s Passport.
  • Tack.
  • Full grooming kit.
  • Spare girth and numnah.
  • Head collar and lead rope.
  • Fly repellent.
  • Horse shampoo, conditioner & show shine.

Do you have to have a horse to go to Pony Club?

Pony Club Branch Membership is open to anyone under 25 years of age. Members should have access to a horse or pony, by ownership or loan, and have the means to transport the horse or pony to and from rallies and events.

What is This Esme’s last name?

YouTube star
Esme Higgs is one of the biggest influencers in the equestrian world – with 500k followers and an incredible 100 million views on her YouTube channel, as well as over 200k followers on Instagram. Although Esme isn’t a fan of the word ‘influencer’.

What are this Esmes horses called?

With some super stats (more than 90,000 subscribers and 11 million views!), Esme vlogs about her life with her two ponies, Casper and Mickey, and makes videos with tips and advice for her subscribers. We were excited to meet Casper and Mickey, and her three donkeys, Willow, Bruno and Toby.

What does grassroots mean in horses?

Definition of a grassroots rider – a person who engages in the most basic level of horse-riding (as opposed to an amateur – a person who engages in a pursuit, especially a sport, on an unpaid basis)

What does A2 mean in showjumping?

A2 (1 Round against the clock)
In a Table A2 class, competitors with equal penalties for any place are positioned in accordance with the time taken to complete the round. The competitor with the least faults and the fastest time wins.

What is A7 in show jumping?

The most common is Table A7 which comprises of jumping the first round within the time set but not against the clock. All clears go through to a second round timed “jump-off” where the fastest combination with the least faults wins.

Are Spurs allowed at Pony Club?

Bumper Spurs are permitted for use at Pony Club. All spurs must be correctly fitted. SPORTING & CAMPDRAFTING COMPETITIONS — Spurs Members have the option of wearing rowel spurs as defined: The length of the shank not to exceed 4.5 cm from the shank to the centre of the rowel.

What age is Pony Club for?

Age 8 and Under
Most Pony Club Branches or Centres will offer fun seasonal activities for little ones such as Easter Egg hunts, fancy dress, fun rides, picnics and lots more. And importantly – being active outside and getting lots of fresh air!

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