What is commvault CommCell console?

What is commvault CommCell console?

A CommCell environment is the logical grouping of all software components that protect, move, store, and manage data and information. A CommCell environment contains one CommServe server, one or more MediaAgents, and one or more clients. Note: The Command Center uses the term “server” instead of “client.”

How do I use the CommCell console?

In navigation pane you have two tabs content tab in summary tab. In content tab you can view details for the component selected in the browser.

How to Upgrade CommCell?

  1. Downloading the Commvault Software >
  2. Installations >
  3. Upgrades and Updates > CommCell Environment Upgrades > Platform Release Updates > Planning Platform Release Installations >
  4. Platform Releases >
  5. Uninstallations >
  6. System Requirements >
  7. Deploying Virtual Appliances for Commvault Software.

What is commvault Livesync?

Live Sync Direct enables incremental replication of a virtual machine (source VM) to a synced copy of the virtual machine (destination VM) by using snapshots. It mounts a snapshot then reads data from the mount directly to the destination VM.

How do I access the commvault console?


  1. Type your user name, and then click Continue.
  2. If you are registered to use Command Centers in multiple CommCell environments, select the name of the CommCell environment that you want to access.
  3. Type your password.
  4. Optional: To remain logged on, select the Stay Logged In check box.
  5. Click Login.

How do I download the CommCell console?

Install the CommCell Console – Windows

  1. Getting Started.
  2. Select Components for Installation.
  3. Configure the CommCell for Web-Based Administration.
  4. Configuration of Other Installation Options.
  5. Verify Summary of Install Options.
  6. Install Remaining Cluster Nodes.
  7. Setup Complete.
  8. Post-Install Considerations.

What is the latest version of commvault?

Commvault 2020
0 feature release 11.20. Revision 19, updated on march 2020 and released with version 11.0. 0 feature release 11.19.

How do I update my commvault software?

You can update the software on the active servers page or the servers details page. Server details: From the navigation pane, go to Manage > Servers > server. In the upper right area of the page, click the action button and then click Update software.

What ports does commvault use?

Commvault Distributed Storage (CDS)

Transport Protocol Port Purpose
TCP 7000 – 7003, 7010, 7100, 7500, 8000, 8080 – 8081, 8777 – 8778, 8090 – 8096, 11001, 11002, 15000 Gossip, Thrift
TCP 21064 DLM (distributed lock manager)
TCP 50000 – 50008, 50022 CVM Thrift
UDP 111 rpcbind UDP utility

How do I open commvault command center?

How do I open CommCell browser?

Launch the CommCell Console from the Start | Programs menu, or by clicking the CommCell Console icon on your desktop. Enter the User Name, Password, and name of the CommCell you wish to connect to. Click OK to continue.

How do I log into the Web console?


  1. In the web address field of your web browser, enter the host and port number for the IBM Control Center Launch Page. Contact your system administrator for these values.
  2. From the Launch Page, click IBM Control Center Web Console.
  3. On the login page that displays, type your user ID and password and click Log in.

How do I install commvault Web console?

The Web Server and Web Console components are needed to set up your environment.

Deploying the Web Console

  1. Prepare the Installation on Windows Computers.
  2. Preinstallation Checklist for the Web Server.
  3. Preinstallation Checklist for the Command Center on Windows.
  4. Installation Methods.

What is backup copy in commvault?

Allows you to select the data streams that are copied at the same time during the IntelliSnap backup operation. Allow Maximum. If selected, the maximum number of data streams will be copied at the same time during the IntelliSnap backup. Media. Start new media.

How do I know what version of commvault I have?

Refer to the Update Status section. Displays the feature release version installed on the client, as well as any additional updates that were installed after the feature release. The feature release version includes a Build ID number, for example, SP6 (Build 414440).

How do I install commvault Service Pack?

How to upgrade Service pack of Commvault? – YouTube

What is commvault content store?

Commvault ContentStore is a virtual repository of managed data. ContentStore backs up and protects data files as well providing lifecycle snapshot management. Please note: This technology can be configured on-premises or on cloud services. This entry covers only the on-premises version.

Does commvault require Java?

Best answer by Orazan

Commvault uses OpenJDK exclusively. There will be no negative effect on Commvault if you were to remove Oracle Java.

How do I access the Web console?

Procedure. Open your web browser and type the Web Console URL provided by the administrator in the address bar. The URL will be in the following format: http://host_name:port/webconsole, for example: http://client.mydomain.com/webconsole. Note: If port 80 is used, then you do not need to include it in the URL.

How do I find my console URL?

Understanding and accessing the web console
For existing clusters that you did not install, you can use oc whoami –show-console to see the web console URL.

What are the types of copies in commvault?

There are three types of storage copies:

  • Synchronous Copy. In a synchronous copy, all the backup jobs (full, incremental, differential, transaction log or archive job) that are written to the primary copy are copied.
  • Selective Copy.
  • Snapshot copy.

What is secondary copy in commvault?

Two secondary copies are created, each managing specific data. Subclients are associated with a secondary copy in the Associations tab of the policy copy. By default, all subclients will be associated with a secondary copy.

What port does commvault use?

MediaAgent Only

Source Device / Network Transport Protocol Port
Firewall ports for apache thrift TCP 9090
Commvault services TCP 8400
Commvault services TCP 8401
Commvault services TCP 8403

How do I restart commvault services?

How to Restart Commvault Simpana Services – YouTube

How do I update software cache in commvault?

How to Manually Populate the Software Cache in CommVault v11

  1. Identify Download Location.
  2. Folder Contents.
  3. Open Copy Software Wizard.
  4. Specify Copy Software Location.
  5. Software Copy Job.
  6. Validate Software Cache Contents.
  7. Open Cache Details.
  8. Cache Details.

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