What is the Australian spelling of Centre?

What is the Australian spelling of Centre?

British and Australian: Centre. American: Center.

Why is supersede spelled with sede instead of cede?

The different spelling of ‘supersede’ is appropriate because it is not derived from the same source as the others. Supersede is derived from super (over) + sedere (to sit). Proceed is derived from pro (forward) + cedere (to go).

What is the difference between center and Centre in Australia?

‘Centre’ and ‘center’ are variants of the same word. The only distinction between them is dialect: Centre is the standard spelling in Australian and British English. Center is the standard spelling in American English.

How do you spell Centre in Canada?

Nowadays, center is the spelling in American English; centre is preferred in Canadian, British, Indian, and Australian English. Note: I have noticed in some places in the U.S. – particularly shopping malls – that the spelling centre is used. I assume it is to imply that the location is the main point in the area.

Is the word Centre capitalized?

Avoid capitalizing a committee, center, group, program, institute or initiative unless it is officially recognized and formally named. Capitalize the official, proper names of long-standing committees and groups and formally developed programs and initiatives.

Does Canada use Centre or center?

Why do the British spell words differently?

The main difference is that British English keeps the spelling of words it has absorbed from other languages, mainly French and German. Whilst American English spellings are based mostly on how the word sounds when it is spoken.

How do you spell supersede in England?

Supersede is the standard spelling but there is indeed such a word as supercede. Yet the ‘supercede’ spelling does have etymological justification and it appears in the dictionary.

What does the suffix sede mean?

Sede comes from a Latin word that meant “sit.” Examples of words with this root include supersede, which means “to sit above, to be superior to,” and the homophone of cession, or session, which means “a sitting.”

How do you write Australian English in center?

What is in the center of Australia?

According to one method, the centre is near the Churchill Smith bore, which is approximately 12km north-east of the Mt Eba cattle station. In relation to more commonly known landmarks, the centre of South Australia is located some distance south-west of Lake Eyre.

What is the plural of Centre?

plural centers. 1 center (US) noun. or British centre /ˈsɛntɚ/ plural centers.

How do you spell Centre NZ?

New Zealand spelling of -re words such as centre, fibre, litre, and theatre has always followed the British spelling as opposed to the American center, fiber, liter, and theater. Nouns with the -ce suffix such as defence and licence are usually spelt with -ce as opposed to the American defense and license.

How do you spell Centred in Canada?

I was also taught that in the verb form, you spell it “center.” However, The Canadian Press CP CAPS and Spelling book lists “centred” and “centring.” The Oxford Dictionary also uses the same spelling but does offer “centered” as a variant.

Is sede a word?

No, sede is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is the correct spelling of supersede?

The official spelling is supersede. This verb means to replace or substitute something for something else. It is a transitive verb that is used with an object. Supersede comes from French, and then Latin before that.

How many people know the preferred spelling of Australian words?

Based on my observation and testing, most people, even quite educated people, will know the preferred Australian spelling of about five to eight of the words. Feel free to test yourself. Write down your choice and then check the word using Word Check or have some fun with the Preferred Spelling Test .

Is it correct to use the Australian English spelling of organize?

but using a secondary spelling (e.g. organize ), is often considered incorrect. The preferred Australian English spelling (Australian dictionary) assists in using the preferred Australian English spelling. For most of my life I’ve found many words strangely have two or more ways they can be spelt.

Should we adopt American English spellings?

However, the usual caveat applies: if the proper name of something includes a variant spelling, you’re stuck with using that version. One of the more consistent themes here at Mind Your Language is that we shouldn’t be adopting American English spellings simply because we run into them constantly online.

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