What station Is 98. 7 in Detroit?

What station Is 98. 7 in Detroit?

WDZH (98.7 FM, “Alt 98.7”) is a commercial radio station licensed to Detroit and serving the Metropolitan Detroit radio market in Southeastern Michigan. It is owned by Audacy, Inc.


Detroit, Michigan
Broadcast area Metro Detroit
Frequency 98.7 MHz (HD Radio)
Branding Alt 98.7

Where can I listen to the Woody show?

The Woody Show | ALT 92.3 | WZRH-FM.

What Is a smooth jazz radio station in Detroit?

Smooth Jazz V98.7 HD2

Smooth Jazz V98. 7 HD2 is Detroit’s Home for Smooth Jazz! Listen at work with free online streaming at smoothjazzdetroit.com.

What station Is The Breeze in Detroit?

This year 98.7 The Breeze, a radio station known for easy listening, is airing special holiday programming around the clock.

Is 89X gone?

89X flips to country format after 30-year rock run; 93.9 goes pop; 98.7 goes alternative. The long rock run has ended for 89X, on a transformative day across the local radio dial.

Is Julia still on Church of Lazlo?

Julia Lepidi, who joined from Detroit following the flip of WDZH to Alternative in November 2020, will no longer be heard on the show.

What radio station is the woody show on?

The Woody Show ALT 98.7 FM.

What is Woody from the woody show real name?

Vuthithorn Milintachinda

Woody Milintachinda
Born Vuthithorn Milintachinda 25 November 1976 Bangkok, Thailand
Other names Woody
Occupation Content creator, TV and online content host, executive producer, President of Woody World Co., Ltd., YouTuber
Spouse Akkharaphol Chabchitrchaidol

Are there any jazz radio stations in Detroit?

Jazzy Nights – 90.9 FM & HD-1 Detroit.

What happened to WJZZ Detroit?

WJZZ (105.9 FM) was a popular classic jazz/jazz fusion station in Detroit and became one of the first U.S. stations ever to use the smooth jazz format. WJZZ was flipped to an urban contemporary format in August 1996, and its call sign changed back to WCHD, then later to WDMK.

What happened to 98.7 AMP Radio Detroit?

(WJBK) – A new radio station has been announced for the Detroit area. Detroit’s 98.7 AMP Radio is being replaced with another format, called The Breeze. 98.7 AMP Radio was known for its Top 40 hits.

Did Church of Lazlo get Cancelled?

The Church of Lazlo is shrinking in both market count and team members. The afternoon show based at Audacy Alternative “Alt 96.5” KRBZ Kansas City will no longer be heard on “Alt 98.7” WDZH Detroit and “Alt 107.5” KXTE Las Vegas after today’s show.

Who bought 89X?

WINDSOR, ONTARIO, CANADA — New Rock radio station 89X (88.7 FM) is changing its sound after nearly 30 years as one of the top rock stations in Michigan. The Windsor-based station, owned by Bell Media announced Wednesday a new format will debut Thursday at noon.

When did 89X Switch country?

On November 18, 2020, Bell announced on the 89X website that CIMX would adopt a new format the next day at Noon; concurrently, the station’s on air staff was let go. At that time, CIMX flipped to country as Pure Country 89, launching with 10,000 songs in a row commercial free.

Was the Church of Lazlo Cancelled?

Where is the Church of Lazlo?

Church of Lazlo – Radio Host | Alt 96.5 Kansas City.

What is the woody show number?

Woody Show IG on Instagram: “Call: 800-782-7987 or Text: 22987 The Woody Show now!

Did the Woody show get Cancelled?

ALT AZ 93-3 ends a one-year run with THE WOODY SHOW. The PREMIERE-syndicated morning show began in mornings on the station in SEPTEMBER 2020 (NET NEWS 9…

What city is the woody show based out of?

The Woody Show is a morning talk radio show based in San Francisco, California and broadcast by Live 105.

What FM station plays jazz?

List of jazz radio stations in the United States

Station Frequency Channel State
KRTU-FM 91.7 MHz Texas
KRWV-LP 99.3 MHz Arizona
KSBR 88.5 MHz California
KSDS 88.3 MHz California

What happened to smooth jazz radio stations?

Around 2007, the format became less popular; it was abandoned by several high-profile radio stations across the United States, including WQCD (now WFAN-FM) in New York, WNUA Chicago (now WCHI-FM), WJJZ in Philadelphia (now WUMR), and KKSF (now KOSF) in San Francisco.

What station is WJZZ?

WJZZ is a radio station at 88.1 MHz in Montgomery, New York.

Montgomery, New York
Frequency 88.1 MHz
Branding Jazz FM
Format Jazz (currently silent)

What happened to 98.7 The Breeze?

With yesterday’s format change from Soft AC to Alternative, the airstaff of “98.7 The Breeze” WDZH Detroit has exited. The staff of the two year old Soft AC format were all hired in February 2019.

Where can I listen to Church of Lazlo?

When did 89X became a country station?

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