What vocal range is Aretha Franklin?

What vocal range is Aretha Franklin?

Aretha Franklin, the legendary Queen of Soul, is dead at 76 Franklin’s four-octave range and mastery of melisma made her a force to be reckoned with both on record and on the stage.

Can Aretha Franklin read sheet music?

Franklin was a self-taught musician who learned to play the piano by ear and couldn’t read music.

Is Aretha Franklin a Alto?

Aretha Franklin was a falcon soprano, a rare fach. A falcon soprano is a dramatic voice with a tessitura and timbre similar to a mezzo-soprano, but with the weight and range of a soprano, named after French opera singer Cornélie Falcon (1814-1897).

Was Aretha Franklin a good piano player?

Aretha Franklin would be considered the piano player of the 20th century if she had never had a vocal cord. She played the piano like a percussion instrument. And she did so with great authority from the greatest drummers of all time.

Why is Aretha Franklin’s voice good?

She could change tempo and dynamics at will to compliment her vocal performances. Her performances were not just about the voice but the music as a whole. Although Aretha is known for her powerful singing, it would not be so powerful if she did not know when to use dynamics and tempo.

How did Aretha Franklin learn to sing?

Largely self-taught, she was regarded as a child prodigy. A gifted pianist with a powerful voice, Franklin got her start singing in front of her father’s congregation. By the age of 14, she had recorded some of her earliest tracks at his church, which were released by a small label as the album Songs of Faith in 1956.

How did Aretha learn piano?

How did Aretha Franklin learn music? From an early age, Aretha performed at her father’s church, New Bethel Baptist Church. She taught herself to play the piano without really knowing how to read music. She would then go on to study piano at Julliard School of Music in 1998.

What did Aretha Franklin carry in her purse?

But she was known for one other thing — a quirk, you could call it. She always kept her purse with her during a performance because she demanded she be paid in cash. “On the counter in front of her, next to her makeup mirror and hairbrush, were small stacks of hundred-dollar bills.

What is Aretha Franklin’s Best Song?

Carolyn wrote no shortage of contenders for a place among the best Aretha Franklin songs, including Baby, Baby, Baby, Save Me, Ain’t Nobody (Gonna Turn Me Around) and Pullin’. This deeply romantic, heartfelt number comes on almost like a slow ballad, with jazzy piano and languid saxophone.

What did Columbia Records do with Aretha Franklin?

Columbia Records knew Franklin was talented, but not what to do with her, peppering her career with false starts. Occasionally, however, her full power was unleashed, as here. A frantic take on Dinah Washington’s 1963 hit, this is more edgy and exciting than the MOR and jazz-pop the label usually lumbered her with.

Did Aretha Franklin write the feminist anthem through the storm?

This feminist anthem was written by Aretha and then husband Ted White, and was a US top 10 hit in 1968. Aretha later recorded a longer version for the 1980 movie The Blues Brothers, and a third version for her 1989 album Through the Storm.

How did Aretha Franklin’s music influence you?

Tell us how Aretha Franklin’s music influenced you .] Ms. Franklin had the ability to make songs previously identified with other singers her own, and to write original pieces others pined to cover. While she made hundreds of indelible songs in her six-decade-long recording career, these 20 rank among her most defining.

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