Where is Pula in Sardinia?

Where is Pula in Sardinia?

Metropolitan City of Cagliari
Pula (Latin: Nora) is a comune (municipality) in the Metropolitan City of Cagliari in the Italian region of Sardinia, located about 25 kilometres (16 mi) southwest of Cagliari. Pula is a holiday resort, with numerous hotels and beaches.

What is Pula like in Sardinia?

Pula, a small town in southern Sardinia, and its surroundings are among the prettiest and most diverse areas in the region. People go there all year round: summer is indeed the best season if you love sunbathing, but surf and kite surf fans adore its beaches’ winter waves.

Is Pula Sardinia worth visiting?

Pula is less touristy, more of a locals town, pretty old centre and interesting shops. The surrounding area and beaches especially around Chia absolutely lovely, the highlight for us was driving along the Costa del Sud coastline – wonderful. You also have Nora to wander around which is interesting.

Where is Pola Italy?

Pula (Croatian pronunciation: [pǔːla] ( listen); Italian: Pola, Istriot: Puola, Slovene: Pulj) is the largest city in Istria County, Croatia, and the eighth-largest city in the country, situated at the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula, with a population of 57,460 in 2011….Pula.

Pula Pola
Website www.pula.hr

Is Pula a city in Italy?

Under the Franks it was part of the Kingdom of Italy. Pula became the seat of the elective counts of Istria until 1077. The town was taken in 1148 by the Venetians and in 1150 Pula swore allegiance to the Republic of Venice, thus becoming a Venetian possession.

What are the geographical features of Pula?

The city lies on and beneath seven hills on the inner part of a wide gulf and a naturally well-protected port (depth up to 38 metres (125 ft)) open to the northwest with two entrances: from the sea and through Fažana channel. Today, Pula’s geographical area amounts to 5,165 hectares (12,760 acres),…

What happened to the city of Pula?

As Pula had sided with the Pisans, the city was sacked by the Venetians in 1243. It was destroyed again in 1267 and again in 1397 when the Genoese defeated the Venetians in a naval battle. Pula then slowly went into decline.

Was Pula part of the Byzantine Empire?

During this period Pula prospered and became the major port of the Byzantine fleet and integral part of the Byzantine Empire. The Basilica of Saint Mary Formosa was built in the 6th century. From 788 on Pula was ruled by the Frankish Empire under Charlemagne, with the introduction of the feudal system.

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