Who did JENELLE Evans date?

Who did JENELLE Evans date?

In 2012, Jenelle sparked a relationship with Courtland Rogers, and they wed that year. By 2014, however, they were officially over and a new chapter in her life began. Nathan Griffith, whom she met on Tinder, caught her eye following her dramatic split from Courtland.

Is JENELLE Evans in a relationship?

Jenelle Evans is back with her husband “And now I feel so much better being at home, starting fresh, and me and David are closer than ever. We get along so much better now I feel like than we ever have before.” Now, Evans is more sure about her relationship than she ever has been.

How long did Jenelle Date Gary?

Gary Head. Head and Evans were first linked in December 2011 and the pair got engaged in May 2012. However, she called off the engagement just two weeks later.

Are Jenelle and David still together 2020?

Jenelle Evans & David Eason They welcomed a daughter in January 2017, Ensley. One month after celebrating their two-year wedding anniversary, Jenelle announced she was separating from David. But as of September 2020, they are back together.

What does Jenelle Evans husband do for work?

Most of the 33-year-old’s early life is kept private, but David worked as a pipe welder before his relationship with Teen Mom star Janelle Evans. David also had a couple of marriages before meeting Janelle, and both marriages resulted in children, messy divorces, and discouraging custody battles.

What happened between Jenelle and David?

Jennelle and David began dating in 2015, later marrying and having their first child together in 2017. After appearing on Teen Mom 2 since its debut in 2011, Jenelle was fired from the show in 2019 after news broke that David shot and killed her dog, Nugget.

Who did Gary Head sleep with?

Read on for the full recap. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned — and on the Feb. 25 episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans was thrown into a fit of rage when she found out her boyfriend Gary Head hooked up with her BFF Tori Rhyne — but that it had happened four months prior, and it was being kept a secret.

What was wrong with Nathan from Teen Mom?

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans’ ex Nathan Griffith admitted that he has “lost everything”. The reality star opened up about his depression and struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder, which left him on disability after serving in the United States Marine Corps.

What happened to Janelle’s Marine boyfriend?

Kieffer Delp In 2016, Kieffer and Jenelle had a brief fling after her split from Nathan Griffith, resulting in a brutal fight between the two. Since then, Kieffer’s kept to himself, and appears to be single and living in New Jersey.

Who was Jenelle’s Marine boyfriend?

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle gets proposed to — and dumped Although it seemed that she had finally found true love with a Marine named Gary Head, things took a turn for the worse when Head discovered that Evans was not only talking to her ex again, but had paid for him to come to North Carolina to spend a weekend with her.

What does Andrew Glennon do for a living?

CinematographerAndrew Glennon / ProfessionA cinematographer or director of photography is the person responsible for the photographing or recording of a film, television production, music video or other live action piece. Wikipedia

Who is Jenelle Evans married to now?

Jenelle’s most recent relationship (before marrying her current husband) was Nathan Griffith. The pair got together after she separated from Courtland. In 2014, Jenelle gave birth to their son, Kaiser. They became engaged but called off the wedding after a few months. Today, the two continue to fight over their son on social media.

Who is Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend Lewis Lewis?

Lewis was Jenelle’s first boyfriend and baby daddy. We first met him on 16 and Pregnant. Together, they share Jennelle’s son, Jace, who was born in 2009.

Who is Jen Jenelle’s boyfriend?

Jenelle has a long list of love interests and one of the most memorable and tumultuous relationships she’s endured was with Nathan Griffith. The couple shares a son, Kaiser, and has had more than than fair share of drama over the years.

Who is Jenelle Evans’ Baby Daddy?

The self-proclaimed “Beach bunny” is currently starring on Teen Mom 2, and tonight, fans will meet the father of her first child, Andrew Lewis. As Lewis enters the spotlight, fans may grow curious about Jenelle’s dating history.

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