Who is Sandra Dee married to?

Who is Sandra Dee married to?

Bobby DarinSandra Dee / Spouse (m. 1960–1967)Bobby Darin was an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist musician, and actor. He performed jazz, pop, rock and roll, folk, swing, and country music.
He started his career as a songwriter for Connie Francis. He recorded his first million-selling single, “Splish Splash”, in 1958. Wikipedia

Where did Sandra Dee go to school?

Professional Children’s School
University High School
Sandra Dee/Education

How did Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee meet?

She met Darin on the set of the 1961 movie Come September. Sandra was already a big star thanks to films like 1959’s A Summer Place with Troy Donahue. And she fell hard for the lounge singer, rushing their nuptials.

How tall is Sandra Dee?

5′ 4″Sandra Dee / Height

Where did Sandra Dee live?

BayonneNew York
Sandra Dee/Places lived

How old was Sandra Dee when she made the movie Gidget?

In 1959, Sandra appeared in five productions with Gidget (1959) and A Summer Place (1959) being the two most popular. Sandra was 17 years old and becoming the heartthrob of teenage boys all across America.

Who was the mother of Troy Donahue son?

Merle Johnson Sr
Edith Johnson
Troy Donahue/Parents

Did Sandra Dee remarry?

She never remarried. Their love story is one of the most admired and tragic in Hollywood history. ‘Her baggage was a big factor in their split,’ Cameron, author of Hollywood Secrets And Scandals, told Closer Weekly. When Sandra met Bobby they were in Portofino, Italy making Come September, which starred Rock Hudson.

Is actor Trevor Donahue related to Troy Donahue?

Trevor-Austin Donahue-Jones is the younger half-brother of Troy Donahue and came to the city on a boat from Mexico.

Why did Dee and Darin divorce?

On December 16, 1961, she gave birth to a son, Dodd Mitchell Darin (also known as Morgan Mitchell Darin). But she and Darin divorced in 1967 after she suffered from an addiction to pills and alcohol. Bobby – who always had the feeling he would die young – passed away at age 37 in 1973. She never remarried.

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