Who plays Gabriella mum in Waterloo Road?

Who plays Gabriella mum in Waterloo Road?

Naomi Faye Battrick (born 11 April 1991) is an English actress.

What did Gabriella do to Kacey?

Waterloo Road troublemaker Gabriella Wark pulls her worst stunt yet in this week’s episode, deliberately endangering fellow pupil Kacey Barry as they race on a climbing wall in the school playground. Gabriella also jeopardises the career of English teacher Nikki Boston by making a serious allegation against her.

What happens in series 9 of Waterloo Road?

Connor returns to support a vulnerable Christine amid the fallout of her drink-driving incident. Though she vows to make amends, both the school and the Education Board are divided on her future at Waterloo Road, and Simon is made Acting Head by Robert Bain.

Who plays Kenzie’s mum in Waterloo Road?

Charlotte Beaumont is an English actress known for portraying Chloe Latimer in the ITV crime drama Broadchurch, as well as for her roles in Waterloo Road and the film Jupiter Ascending.

What happened to Gabriellas sister Waterloo Road?

Gabriella is a very manipulative 17 year old student.

Gabriella Wark
Last Appearance Series 10 Episode 10 (The Final Straw)
Cause/Reason Left School
Mother Amelia Wark

What happened to Dynasty Waterloo Road?

Dynasty Barry was a pupil at Waterloo Road along with her brother Barry Barry and her sister Kacey Barry.

Dynasty Barry
First Appearance Series 8 Episode 11 (Bad Boy)
Last Appearance Series 10 Episode 2 (One Good Turn)
Cause/Reason Left school to join the police

What happened to sue Waterloo Road?

Sue was a hopeless teacher, only in the profession because her father dissaproved of her being a flight attendant.

Sue Lowsley
Cause/Reason Left Teaching after affair with Hector Reid
Occupation Science Teacher
Mother Mrs. Bain (née Spark) (Deceased)

What happens to Lula in Waterloo Road?

In her final episode, it is revealed that her and her mother escaped the bloodshed in the Congo for a new life in Scotland but both her and her mother are being deported from the UK back to their original country.

Who is bullying Bonnie Waterloo Road?

Moments later the real bully is revealed to be Leo Fitzgerald. Bonnie confronts Justin in episode 19, still believing him to be the culprit, however Kenzie later proves that it was in fact Leo.

What happened to Kenzie Waterloo Road?

In Series 10 Episode 16 having given her mum the silent treatment for a few days, Kenzie decides to leave home. She moves into the school house where Maggie Budgen agrees to let her stay.

Who does Tom Clarkson end up with?

Tom Clarkson (Jason Done, series 1−8) is an English teacher, who also serves periods as Head of Pastoral Care and Deputy Head. Tom marries Lorna Dickey in the series’ first episode, but kisses Izzie Redpath on the same day and is caught between the two women afterwards.

Does Kevin end up with Dynasty?

Series 9. In Series 9 Episode 4 Kevin broke up with Dynasty Barry.

Are dynasty and Barry twins?

He has two younger sisters, Dynasty Barry and Kacey Barry. He is the secondary antagonist of series eight and the main and final antagonist of series nine.
The Sandman Will Keep You Awake – The Loop.

Barry Barry
Father Neil Barry
Sisters Dynasty Barry Kacey Barry
Romances Olivia MacAlister Rhiannon Salt Gabriella Wark

Does Simon find out about Sue Hector?

He leaves in Series 10 Episode 9 after finding out about Sue’s affair with his best mate Hector Reid.

How many head teachers are in Waterloo Road?

six Headteachers

It also has a high turnover rate of characters, with staff and pupils joining and leaving the school over time. Over the ten series of its initial run, Waterloo Road features a total of forty-eight main characters, including six Headteachers.

What did Leo do Waterloo Road?

In series 10 episode 7 Leo and Chalk hacked into a multinational company and the police came to Vaughan’s house at 6am that night and said that they had to check and shut down all the IT equipment for that day. That caused complete mayhem at the school.

What happened to Justin in Waterloo Road?

Justin Fitzgerald exploded onto the scene when his mother Olga had a nervous breakdown and dumped him and his brother Leo on father Vaughan at Waterloo Road School.

Justin Fitzgerald
Cause/Reason End of the programme
Born 17 December 1996
Mother Olga Fitzgerald

Does Kenzie and Scott get together?

In Series 10 Episode 20 (A Fairytale Ending) Kenzie and Scott can no longer deny their feelings for one another and get back together.

Why did Steph Haydock leave Waterloo Road?

In Episode 19, she was removed from the role of Finance Director after using sexual harassment as a means of getting money for the school.

Who was the longest Headteacher in Waterloo Road?

Grantly Budgen (Philip Martin Brown, series 3−9; supporting series 1−2) is the longest-serving teacher in the school, and Head of English between series 1 and 4.

Why did Kevin Chalk leave Waterloo?

He’s in foster care but doesn’t want anyone to know so he told his mates that his father was an engineer.

Kevin Chalk
First Appearance Series 8 Episode 8 (The Price of Love)
Last Appearance Series 10 Episode 12 (Scott’s Bike Ride)
Cause/Reason Transferred to Havelock High

Who was the longest serving head at Waterloo Road?

Rachel Fleet
Rachel Fleet (née Mason, born Amanda Fenshaw) was Waterloo Road’s third on-screen headteacher after Brian Vaisey and Jack Rimmer, and the first female head. She first appeared in the 7th episode of Series 3 and left at the end Series 5. Rachel was the longest serving Headteacher, appearing in 52 episodes.

Who was bullying Bonnie?

Leo Fitzgerald
Moments later the real bully is revealed to be Leo Fitzgerald. Bonnie confronts Justin in episode 19, still believing him to be the culprit, however Kenzie later proves that it was in fact Leo.

Why did Leo bully Bonnie?

He is also the cyberbully of Bonnie Kincaid, which occurred because he had developed an inferiority complex and just wanted to be noticed.

Leo Fitzgerald
Last Appearance Series 10 Episode 20 (A Fairytale Ending)
Cause/Reason End of the programme and Expelled for bullying Bonnie Kincaid

Who is Bonnie in Waterloo Road?

Holly Jack
Holly Jack (born 1989 or 1990) is a Scottish actress and acting coach. She is best known for her role as Nicole Brodie in the BBC Scotland soap opera, River City, in which she joined as a series regular in October 2010. In July 2014, Jack joined the cast of Waterloo Road as a new student, Bonnie Kincaid.

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