Who won season 2 Kpop Star?

Who won season 2 Kpop Star?

Akdong Musician
The season ended on April 6, 2013, with Akdong Musician crowned as winner and chose to sign with YG Entertainment. Contestants from the Top 10 of Season 2 returned for a special Dream Stage – Best of the Best episode on April 14, 2013, competing with contestants of Season 1 for the title of Overall Champion.

Who was the winner of Kpop Star 2012?

Park Ji-min
K-pop Star – Season 1/Winners

Who won K-pop Season 1?

When did Jongseob become a trainee?

From December 2016 to April 2017, Jongseob participated in the competition show K-pop Star 6 and won as part of the duo, Boyfriend, with Park Hyun Jin. Following the show’s conclusion, the duo signed a trainee contract with YG Entertainment.

Who won YG Treasure Box?

Rank of YG Treasure Box

Rank Name
1st Haruto
2nd Yedam
3rd Junghwan
4th Junkyu

What is YGTB?

YG Treasure Box (YG 보석함) was a survival show produced by YG Entertainment and broadcast by JTBC2.

Who is the longest trainee in TREASURE?

On November 16, the first episode of ‘YG Treasure Box’ aired via Naver V Live. Bang Ye Dam introduced himself, stating, “This is 6-year trainee Bang Ye Dam of (the group) Treasure A.” He continued, “I somehow became the longest trainee (in YG Entertainment).

Who is TREASURE leader?

Choi Hyun-suk (Korean: 최현석; born April 21, 1999) is a South Korean rapper and one of two leaders of Treasure alongside Jihoon under YG Entertainment. The band debuted on August 7, 2020 with the single album entitled The First Step: Chapter One….

Choi Hyun-suk
Genres K-pop hip hop
Instruments Vocals
Labels YG
Korean name

Where is mahiro now?

On January 4, 2020 OUI announced that Mahiro had left the company. In early 2020, Mahiro opened his own personal Instagram account. He was later revealed to be a member of BUGVEL on October 30, 2020.

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