Will Aphmau continue Minecraft Diaries?

Will Aphmau continue Minecraft Diaries?

After the 37th video of season 3; “Secrets of the Library,” Jess, due to some personal issues, had to put an indefinite haitus on Minecraft Diaries. She decided to cancel the series because of how much she hated the season, as opposed to how much the fans liked it.

Who does Aphmau end up with in Minecraft Diaries?


In Mystreet Aphmau and Aaron became a couple during the Mystreet Season 1 ending. In MCD, Aaron kisses Aphmau in her sleep before he goes to rescue Garroth from the Irene dimension, resulting in his death. Later on, it was revealed that Aphmau is pregnant and that Aaron is the father.

How old is Aphmau in Minecraft Diaries?

About 1000 years old
Aphmau (Minecraft Diaries S2)

Age About 1000 years old
Handedness Right
Complexion Tan

What is the plot of Minecraft Diaries?

Aphmau wakes up in what seems to be a regular Minecraft World. However, she soon sees a strange man dressed in green. After chasing after him, she is led to a village where she makes her home. She goes and has all sorts of crazy adventures.

Did Aphmau stop roleplays?

She no longer makes roleplays, and I get that’s because of quarantine, but everyone else has reverted back to normal. She’s getting the same amount of views as normal too. She has no reason to go back to roleplays.

Is Aphmau going to make a season 7 of Mystreet?

Since this series was kinda like a slice of life series, it was focused on the main character’s relationship, more than the side characters. And this story took a DRAMATIC af turn so yeah. So, it’s very likely we’re getting a Mystreet season 7.

Does Aaron ever remember Aphmau?

Aaron then remembered what Aphmau told him and finally snapped at his father. He stormed out of his dorm and told Derek to keep his money, not needing it or him, officially leaving the Lycan family behind.

Is Aphmau and Aaron together?

In of Episode 26 of Starlight, Aaron proposes to Aphmau, Aaron and Aphmau being engaged as of this episode.

How many kids does Aphmau and Jason have?

four children
They have four children: Joseph, Julia, Jennifer, and Jessabelle.

Does EIN like Aphmau?

Ein had a crush on Aphmau although she rejected him.

Did Aphmau stop roleplaying?

Who does Garroth end up with?

In episode 25 of season 1, Water Cats, Garroth “proposes” to Aphmau.

Will Aphmau go back to roleplays?

Jess announced that roleplays will be returning on her ‘Aphmau Stories’ channel and will always be posted there from now on.

What happened to Laurence in MyStreet?

He’s not seen at all in Season 2 of MyStreet but did call the others in Aaron & Aphmau Alone but his voice was never heard. He is not shown due to him taking a trip back to his parents house to help with the new baby.

Will Aphmau make roleplays again?

What are all of Aphmau’s roleplays?

MC Diaries.

  • Mod Mod World.
  • MyStreet.
  • Mod Mod World.
  • My Inner Demons.
  • Why does Zane from Aphmau wear a mask?

    She wears makeup to cover her freckles and a blue contact to make her grey eye the same as her other eye.

    Are Aphmau and Ein siblings?

    No, Jess herself confirmed that Ein IS NOT Aphmau’s half brother.

    Who is Aphmau brother?

    Vylad is Garroth’s and Zane’s youngest brother.

    Vylad (MyStreet)

    Full Name Vylad Ro’Meave
    Nickname(s) Little Pea (by Zianna) Vee-Vee (by Zianna) Baby Brother (by Garroth) Reject (by Zane)
    Race Human

    Does Zane have a crush on Aphmau?

    It has been proven for Zane to have slight feelings for Aphmau, and he discovers this in “Aphmau In Love”. He continues being her loyal friend, denying his feelings until Aaron asks him. Zane respects Aphmau and Aaron’s relationship, but he still is very close at heart to Aphmau.

    What is Zane’s real name?

    Kristina Laferne Roberts
    Zane (author)

    Born Kristina Laferne Roberts 1966/1967 (age 55–56) Washington, D.C., US
    Occupation Writer
    Period 1997–present
    Genre Erotic fiction

    What is Aphmau’s dog called?

    In the series, Celestia is Aphmau’s dog, but Celestia likes Aaron better. Celestia looks just like herself in the Minecraft Diaries.

    Why does Zane call kawaii 4?

    Both of them blush and Zane says, “Uh- I’m sorry, four*,” (*He calls her “four” due to his soul being used as a relic) and Kawaii~Chan responds with, “It’s alright,” with a small smile on her face. He calls her ‘four’ since her name is Nana which has four letters.

    What is Pierce’s real name in Aphmau?

    Pierce is one of the main protagonists in My Inner Demons.
    Pierce (My Inner Demons)

    [[File: |250px]]
    Voice Actor Shado_Temple

    What happened Katelyn Aphmau?

    Katelyn was drugged by Michi and turned into a meif’wa. She was then imprisoned in the dungeon of the South – Eastern Werewolf tribe as leverage to get Aphmau to marry Prince Fenrir and is stuck in the dungeon but later gets out and discovers that Abby was imprisoned.

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