Are there any working Wii U emulators?

Are there any working Wii U emulators?

Cemu is undoubtedly the best Wii U emulator on the internet. Any program that sees Mario Kart 8 running at 8K and BOTW running at 4K is a surefire winner, and Cemu is continuously improving month on month.

Are they shutting down Wii U servers?

Nintendo will close the Wii U and 3DS eShops in March 2023, and a new report claims that a total server shutdown for these platforms may arrive in as early as “a couple of years.”

What screwdriver Do you need to open a Wii U GamePad?

How to Remove, Reseat, or Replace the Battery in a Wii U GamePad

  1. Turn the power off and disconnect the AC Adapter if it is connected to the controller.
  2. Use a crosshead style, size #0 screwdriver to avoid damage to the screw or threads.

How do you Unsticky a controller?

Rubbing alcohol and cotton buds

  1. Make sure your controller is unplugged.
  2. Dip the cotton bud into the rubbing alcohol, and rub off any excess.
  3. Rub the cotton bud around the sticking button, and get as far into the crevices as you can.

What size screws Wii U GamePad?

Place Gamepad face down and remove the two 4.7 mm screws with a Phillips size #00 screwdriver.

What is tri-wing screwdriver?

The Tri-Wing is a tamper-resistant screw due to the rarity of Tri-Wing screwdrivers in any stores, although they can be legally bought online. Tri-Wing, as the name suggests, is a screw with three “wings” and a small triangular hole in the center.

How do you clean a sticky controller?

Dip a cotton ball in the diluted vinegar solution, and squeeze out excess moisture. Wipe around the entire surface of the game controller with the damp cotton ball. As sticky stains and dirt are removed from the controller, toss out the dirty cotton ball and continue with a clean one.

Does Nintendo repair Wii U gamepads?

If the Wii U GamePad is physically damaged, it will need to be replaced. Nintendo no longer offers factory repairs for the Wii U console, the Wii U GamePad, or Wii U accessories.

Does Lowes sell Tri-wing screwdrivers?

IRWIN 2-Pack 1-1/4-in Tri-Wing Screwdriver Bits in the Screwdriver Bits department at

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