Do I need to sand before using Cuprinol?

Do I need to sand before using Cuprinol?

If adhesion is inadequate on previous coatings, lightly sand before application. Make sure wood has been pre treated with appropriate wood preserver to prevent wood and decay. Coverage can vary depending on application method and the condition and type of surface.

Is Cuprinol a stain or paint?

A versatile range of water-based wood stains for sheds, fences, decking and furniture. Specially formulated and pH balanced for a variety of oiled and stained surfaces. Opaque and transparent wood paints to customise and renovate throughout the home and garden.

Do you need primer with Cuprinol Shades?

There is no need for primer with Cuprinol. In dry conditions apply your first coat of Cuprinol brushing along the grain. Cuprinol is touch dry in just 1 hour. Apply a second coat ensuring even coverage.

Will Cuprinol cover old paint?

If old paint is in sound condition, Cuprinol Cladding & Fence Opaque can be applied on top, provided the surface is clean and dry. Sand well before applying over old paint. Ensure flaking or chalky paint is removed by stripping and sanding to a sound surface.

Is it better to paint a fence with a brush or roller?

For painting a picket fence a paintbrush is recommended to give you more control. To paint garden fences, however, we recommend using both a roller and a paintbrush. This will help you paint the fence quickly without wasting a lot of paint. Use the roller for flat surfaces and the fence brush for edges.

Why is my fence paint not covering?

Possible issues include, but are not limited to, the fence is not clean, the paint is not stirred well, and/or the paint has expired. If you are having trouble getting the paint to stick to the fence, the problem is likely due to a dirty/moldy fence.

Can I paint over cuprinol shades?

You will struggle to paint over Shades as it has a water repelling element that also repels susbsequent coats of paint or stain. In fact, if you leave it too long (only talking a few hours) you cannot even apply a second coat if that is needed. You’ll have to give the surface a ‘key’ to over-coat it. )

When can I apply a second coat of cuprinol shades?

Cuprinol Garden Shades will be touch dry in 1 hour under normal weather conditions. Where a second coat is required, allow up to 8 hours in between coats. On areas subject to wear, such as garden furniture, allow a few days before heavy use or contact with soft furnishings.

Is Cuprinol oil or water-based?

Cuprinol Wood Preserver Clear is a clear, multi-purpose, water-based wood preservative for interior and exterior use. Protects against rot, decay, mould and blue-staining fungi.

How often should you paint your fence?

every 1-3 years
To avoid the appearance of peeling and cracking, it’s advised to repaint your fence every 1-3 years, or when any imperfections begin to appear. Paint also restricts the ability of the timber to breath.

Can you paint over a dark fence?

If you are changing the colour of the fence, from a dark to light shade or vice versa paint is a better option. A stain or fence preservative will perform the same but the grain of the wood is likely to show through. This is because paint sits on the surface of the wood while a stain will sink in.

Should I stir fence paint?

Application. Make sure you give it a good stir before you start. Try the colour out first on a hidden area to make sure you are happy with it. If you’re painting onto wood you’ll need to brush in the direction of the wood grain.

Why choose Cuprinol products?

With over 75 years of experience in caring for wood, Cuprinol have developed a range of wood care products for every job. Their products help wood to look better for longer – whether you want to protect your wood against rot and decay, weatherproof and nourish, or to simply add style and beautiful colour.

What is Cuprinol garden shades?

Cuprinol Garden Shades Protects perfectly and colours beautifully, shades inspired by nature View details Cuprinol Anti-Slip Decking Stain Rich semi-transparent colour with a tough, durable finish. Hard wearing colour for decking

What is Cuprinol ultra tough wood filler?

A rapid drying wood hardener for repairing decayed wood and all major joinery repairs. Provides a firm base for filling with Cuprinol Ultra Tough Wood Filler.

What is Cuprinol 5 year ducksback?

Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback Wax-enriched, non-drip formula that colours and weatherproofs for up to 5 years View details Cuprinol Garden Shades Protects perfectly and colours beautifully, shades inspired by nature View details Cuprinol Anti-Slip Decking Stain

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