Do Zildjian cymbals have warranty?

Do Zildjian cymbals have warranty?

Zildjian cymbals carry a two year warranty, from date of purchase, against manufacturing flaws. Zildjian requires that all cymbals for warranty replacement be returned to us for review.

How do I register Zildjian cymbals?

Product registration

  1. Street address.
  2. Street Address 2.
  3. Postal Code.
  4. Phone number.
  5. Email*
  6. Company name.
  7. Name of Retailer Where Cymbal Was Purchased.
  8. Retailer City and State.

Are Zildjian cymbals durable?

Numerous drummers suggest the Zildjian cymbal brand to be more durable than most, other good options are Sabian, Paiste and the Meinl cymbal brands as being comparable to Zildjian.

Can cracked cymbals be fixed?

Here are a few ways that you can attempt to fix the crack(s) in a cymbal. Note: This should be considered a last option, and can further screw up your cymbal. Using Epoxy: One of the most commonly suggested methods for repairing a crack is to use epoxy to seal it.

Can you look up Zildjian serial numbers?

Serial Number* The serial number is found at the bottom of Zildjian trademark, ex. “AA 12345 678” (Except for A Avedis Cymbals, where the serial number is on the underside of the cymbal).

Do all Zildjian cymbals have a stamp?

All Avedis Zildjian cymbals have their name stamped in its bronze.

Do Zildjian A cymbals break easily?

Zildjians aren’t any more susceptible than any other brand. Cheaper lines have a little less tin in the bronze-tin alloys, but neither is a particularly hard metal. Thinner cymbals are obviously weaker. Ultimately, when cymbals are cracked, 99.9% of the time, it’s operator error.

How do you post cymbals?

The cymbal itself is wrapped in bubble wrap, then a strip of cardboard is wrapped around the cymbal, and another at 90 degrees from the first (so that top on they form a cross). The cymbal is then placed inside a sturdy cardboard box, and any excess space is taken up with bubble wrap.

How do you pack drum cymbals?

Tips when packing your cymbals Tip 1 – In case you want to be extra careful with your package, you can put the cymbals first in one box and then in a larger one. Tip 2 – You should also fill the extra space between the boxes with padding or other soft materials.

How often do drummers replace cymbals?

Most drummers who have good playing techniques and do proper maintenance can use their cymbals for up to 20, 30 years, if not more. If quality cymbals break after a short time, you should replace them – but also consider purchasing suitable cymbals for the appropriate musical direction.

Why do my cymbals keep cracking?

Cymbal cracking is usually a combination of poor height/positioning and incorrect hitting technique. Have the cymbal at a height where you can come down and through the cymbal. Don’t have the cymbal at a flat enough angle where the stick is jarring into the cymbal.

How do you tell what year a Zildjian cymbal is?

Beginning in 1994, Zildjian introduced a laser-engraved serial number on the bottom of the stamp for easy identification. The two letters at the beginning of the numerical sequence distinguish the year. The list can be found below: ID – 1994.

How do you package drum cymbals?

How do you transport cymbals?

For years I have taken my hi-hat clutch off the stand and stacked my cymbals on it/in it starting with the ride and working to the smallest splash. Then, once the nut is back on and tight, the cymbals don’t move at all and it will slide into your bag all at once.

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