Does KPOPTOWN ship to Philippines?

Does KPOPTOWN ship to Philippines?

Sure, we ship to almost all countries.

Can you trust KPOPTOWN?

KPOPTOWN has a consumer rating of 2.69 stars from 102 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about KPOPTOWN most frequently mention customer service, post office and tracking number problems. KPOPTOWN ranks 4th among DVD sites.

How long does it take for KPOPTOWN to ship?

It actually depends on your shipping option and circumstances. EMS and DHL usually take only three to five days to reach most countries. Small packet and K-packet take two to four weeks in most cases. Air parcel takes similar time as K-packet, but it can carry more than two kilograms, unlike K-packet or small packet.

Is Kpopmart a trustworthy website?

Very trustworthy store, seriously. I would recommend this to absolutely everyone who wants to find a good online store. I couldn’t be more pleased. If you want more details if you are still not convinced or have any more questions, please leave a reply and I’ll be happy to help you out.

Is Ktown4u available in the Philippines?

With the growing popularity of K-Pop in the Philippines, you can’t deny how expensive K-Pop goods are if you bought them here in the Philippines (both official releases and pasabuy) Get your own merch and support your idols with the world’s Best KPOP Online store for Kpop Albums, Goods, K-Food and K-Beauty: KTown4u!

How do you pay on Kpoptown?

You may pay through Paypal. You will see the options during the check-out. Paypal usually offers credit card options, but if the website does not show the option, feel free to contact our customer service; we will send you a payment-requesting mail directly and help you finish the payment with your credit / debit card.

Is Kpopmart shipping expensive?

I just tried to buy Treasure’s new album on Kpopmart, but the shipping prices are way higher than before. Like double. It’s been awhile since I bought an album, but the last time I bought something the shipping price was about $12ish.

Can I trust Ktown4u?

Recently, we noticed that a fake online mall pretending to be Ktown4u appeared. Ktown4u does not operate any other website than the address below, and is always striving for safe shopping for our customers. If you find any additional fake website, please report to us.

Does Ktown4u ship to Philippines?

Shop From KTown4u and ship it directly to your home address in the Philippines.

Does Ktown4u deliver to Philippines?

Does Kpoptown take PayPal?

You may pay through Paypal.

Where is Kpopmart located?

South Korea
KPOPMART. Located in South Korea, the origin of Kpop!

Does Kpopmart ship worldwide?

We ship to worldwide and Sri Lanka.

What is the best kpop album to buy?

Here are the best album releases from K-pop groups this year, in no particular order.

  1. 1 Map of the Soul: 7 by BTS.
  2. 2 Eyes Wide Open by Twice.
  3. 3 Fatal Love by Monsta X.
  4. 4 Minisode1: Blue Hour by Tomorrow X Together.
  5. 5 Monster by Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi.
  6. 6 Super One by SuperM.
  7. 7 -77.82X-78.29 by Everglow.
  8. 8 Da Capo by April.

How do I pay in Ktown4u Philippines?

Simply pay for your order via Paypal, make sure that the billing address in your account is your Credit or Debit Card Address, not Buyandship’s KR Warehouse Address. To clarify: Shipping Address = Buyandship Korean Warehouse Address. Billing Address= Credit or Debit Card Address.

Does Kpoptown refund?

Please contact [email protected] and ask for cancellation. We will cancel your order and get you a refund within six business days. However, cancellation could be rejected under certain circumstances. If the package already shipped out or the packing was already done, for example, the order cannot be canceled.

How do I pay on Kpopmart?

Customer can choose a convenient payment option which suits the most during order process;

  1. (1) PayPal.
  2. (2) Credit Card (All the card payment is done through PayPal)
  3. (3) Wire Transfer to OCBC Bank (Singaporean and Malaysian can wire payment via OCBC bank account in SGD)

Which Kpop group has the prettiest albums?

Here are 19 K-Pop albums that fans on Reddit have deemed some of the most beautiful or creative on the market!

  1. Nonstop by OH MY GIRL.
  2. HJZM : The Butterfly Phantasy by A.C.E.
  3. I Got A Boy by Girls’ Generation.
  4. WARNING by Sunmi.
  5. Rendez-Vous by Lim Hyunsik.
  7. Lilac by IU.
  8. [+ +] by LOONA.

Can I cancel my order in Kpoptown?

Is kpoptown a good site?

KPOPTOWN has a consumer rating of 3.19 stars from 97 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with KPOPTOWN most frequently mention bubble wrap, perfect condition and pre order. KPOPTOWN ranks 4th among DVD sites. How would you rate KPOPTOWN?

How do I get a chargeback/refund from kpoptown?

PROTIP: if you want a refund/chargeback DO NOT go through paypal, contact kpoptown’s customer service email first. If they decide to ignore you for 10 days or two weeks, show the receipts to your credit card and they should refund you the whole amount.

What is the best place to buy Kpop items?

Kpoptown has a fantastic variety of items for Kpop fans or even fans of Korea. I have gotten quite a few things from Kpoptown that I wasn’t able to get anywhere else!!

Is ktown4u a good website to buy from?

I recommend buying from ktown4u because it is the most trustworthy website to purchase from and always had good experiences with them. They overcharged me on shipping by 3 or 4 kgs. I contacted them to ask for the partial refund I would be entitled to, but they never replied.

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