How can I check my New India Assurance status?

How can I check my New India Assurance status?

In the mail copy do mention your New India Assurance health insurance policy number. Alternatively, you can speak to the medical insurance experts at Policybazaar to know about your policy claim status. You can speak to us at 1800-708-8787 or email us at [email protected].

What is not covered in New India Assurance?

Congenital External Anomaly of the New Born Baby is not covered under the Policy. Any expenses incurred towards pre-term or pre-mature care or expenses incurred in connection with delivery of such New Born Baby are not covered under this clause.

What is the premium for New India Assurance?

PREMIUM CHART: (Please refer to the prospectus for optional covers premium)

Sum Insured (Rs.) PREMIUM FOR BASIC COVER (Rs. per annum) (GST Extra)
<35 61–65
1,00,000 2,843 11,340
2,00,000 3,863 17,752
3,00,000 4,254 20,001

Is MRI covered under mediclaim?

Yes, various medical tests are covered under the family mediclaim policy. These tests include blood tests, stool tests, CT scans, X-rays, sonography, MRI, and so on. However, a proper prescription is required and the test must be a part of the treatment of an ailment mentioned in your health insurance policy.

Which mediclaim policy is best?

Best Health Insurance Plans in India

Health Insurance Plans Entry Age (Min-Max) Network Hospitals
National Parivar Mediclaim Plus 18-65 years 6000+
New India Assurance Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy 60-80 years 3000+
Oriental Individual Mediclaim Policy 18-65 years 4300+
Raheja QBE Comprehensive Plan 90days-65 years 5000+

Is Cataract Covered in New India Assurance?

Insured persons will be covered under a single dedicated Sum Insured. Cumulative Bonus @25% SI for claim free year with Max 50% of SI. Cataract, up to 20% of Sum Insured or Rs. 50,000, whichever is less, for each eye.

How can I check my car policy online?

Go to the website of the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) of India and check your policy status. Visit your Regional Transport Office (RTO)’s website and know your policy status. Go to the Parivahan Sewa website and check the policy status.

How can I check my bike insurance?

You can visit the website of the State Transport Department and enter the registration number to check the bike insurance details. The website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways ( also tells you about the bike insurance details by just entering the registration number.

Can we claim insurance for blood test?

Does New India Assurance cover eye surgery?

The New India Assurance health insurance plans cover the cost of cataract surgery up to Rs 1,50,000 per eye during the policy year. The plan provides coverage for the cost of hospitalization, surgery as well as post-surgery expenses.

Where i can download my insurance policy?

Visit your insurance provider’s website. Select the type of policy. Enter your policy details like policy number, etc. Verify your profile, if asked.

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