How do I activate 4G on my iPhone Vodafone?

How do I activate 4G on my iPhone Vodafone?

Select Cellular Data Options and then Cellular Data Network.

  1. Go to Cellular Data and enter following information: APN: portalnmms. Username: Password:
  2. Go to LTE Setup (Optional) section and enter information as below. APN: (Blank) Username: (Blank)
  3. Enter following details in MMS section: APN: portalnmms. Username:

Does iPhone 5S support 4G Vodafone?

All models: Apple iPhone 5s All models supports Vodafone 2G on GSM 900 MHz and 1800 MHz.

How do I get 4G settings on Vodafone?

1) To receive internet settings, just SMS “ALL” to 199.

Why 4G is not working in Vodafone?

If you’re using a Vodafone 5G approved device or a 4G device, check that you have 5G/4G turned on. Make sure your device’s software is up to date. You can check this in settings. Check that your device isn’t in airplane or flight mode.

Why is my iPhone not connecting to 4G?

Restart Your iPhone Restarting your iPhone can fix minor software issues preventing it from connecting to 4G. For iPhones without Face ID, press and hold the power button until you see Slide To Power Off appear on your screen. Then, swipe the power icon from left to right to turn your device off.

Does 4G SIM work in iPhone 5s?

Yes, iPhone 5S can use a 4G network.

What is the APN for Vodafone 4G?

You can follow the below steps to receive and set up Vodafone Idea (Vi) APN via SMS on your Android mobile. Type ‘ALL’ and send it to 199 via your Vi SIM. You will receive an SMS with Vi APN settings quickly. Click on ‘Ok’ to apply new settings.

What is the best APN setting for Vodafone 4G?

How to increase net speed in Vodafone by changing the APN settings on your android phone

  • MMS Proxy:
  • MMS Port: 9401.
  • MCC: Blank.
  • MNC: Blank.
  • APN type: default or mms.
  • APN Protocol: IPV4/IPV6.
  • APN roaming protocol: IPV4.
  • APN: Enable.

How do I activate 4G on Vodafone?

Scroll down to and tap Settings. Scroll down to and tap mobile network. Tap the Highest connection speed field. Tap 4G.

How can I get Vodafone 4G settings?

How do I get 4G on Vodafone?

If you’re new to Vodafone, go to to order one or, if you’re an existing customer, call 4354. To get on the 4G network you’ll need to buy a Big Value Bundle starting from £20.

How do I set up mobile data on Vodafone iPhone?

How To Setup Hotspot On An Iphone

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Mobile or Cellular Data.
  3. Select Mobile Data Network.
  4. Scroll down to Personal Hotspot.
  5. APN: vodafone.
  6. Username: vodafone.
  7. Press the Home key to return to the home screen and restart device.

How do I get Vodafone APN settings?

First go to Settings>More>Mobile networks>Access Point Names>Menu> Hit on Menu and Select Add New APN, type in the Vodafone APN Settings provided above, exactly as they appear. Save the settings, Exit back to main menu. Restart the phone and Test the connection.

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