How do I practice for the SHSAT?

How do I practice for the SHSAT?

What 7th Graders Can Do To Prep for the SHSAT This Summer

  1. Research Specialized High Schools.
  2. Read, read, read.
  3. Take a practice or diagnostic test at home.
  4. Pick up an SHSAT workbook and start practicing.
  5. Brush up on math skills.
  6. Time your practices.
  7. Get professional help.

How hard is the SHSAT exam?

The test is meant to be very hard. But the good news is that you don’t have to get an A (or 90%+ of the questions correct). We estimate that kids whose scores qualify them for a specialized high school only need to get 70% to 80% of the questions right (depending on the school you are aiming for).

When should I start studying for the SHSAT?

1. Don’t even think about SHSAT prep until the spring of your child’s 7th grade year. Depending on your child’s motivation, academic performance, and summer plans, effective prep generally starts no sooner than March and no later than the end of August.

Is Kaplan Good for SHSAT?

Why Prep for the SHSAT with Kaplan? Kaplan’s programs are research-based and specifically designed to help students score higher on the SHSAT.

Should I guess on the SHSAT?

Elevate Your Chances of Guessing Right You won’t lose points for wrong answers, so you should answer all questions on the test, even if it’s just a wild guess.

How many hours a day should you study for the SHSAT?

Three weeks before the exam, we generally recommend students increase practice time to 45 minutes to an hour each day as they make the final push toward the finish line. The secret to achieving an amazing score is to start early and practice effectively and efficiently.

What is the highest score for SHSAT?

SHSAT Quick Facts

Frequency 1 time /year
Duration 3 hours
Sections English Language Arts, Math
Cost None
Max. Score 700 (composite score)

Can you use a calculator on the SHSAT?

There are 5 Gridded-Response and 52 multiple choice questions in the Math section of SHSAT and students have 75 minutes to complete this section. The calculator is NOT allowed for the SHSAT test.

Is it possible to get 800 on SHSAT?

Each section is worth up to 400 points and the highest score you can get in SHSAT is 800, theoretically. However, each year the highest score is in the low 700s. When each section is scored, each section is scored based on a normal curve.

How can I guess on a test?

Look for patterns in true or false questions, and go with false if a question includes absolutes, such as “all” or “none.” When guessing on multiple choice questions, use processes of elimination, look for grammatical clues and, when in doubt, go with the most detailed choice.

When should I start preparing for the SHSAT?

Be a resident of New York City

  • Be in the 8th grade
  • Register for the SHSAT during the Fall of your 8th grade year
  • Be interested in attending a Specialized High School–most public schools do not require the exam
  • How do you grade a full SHSAT practice test?

    – insert a colon after “newly constructed” – insert a colon after “complex” – insert a colon after “amenities” – insert a colon after “multi-purpose”

    How to prepare for the SHSAT?

    Read Test Directions. Review the test directions in the SHSAT Handbook to make sure you have a clear understanding of how the test works and what you are expected to

  • Practice Using Answer Forms. The SHSAT handbook contains sample answer forms and instructions for filling them out.
  • Simulate a SHSAT Exam.
  • Join a Study Group.
  • Book Study Time.
  • Is the SHSAT a valid test?

    reliable, valid, and free of bias. In past years, all field testing associated with the SHSAT took place outside New York City. By embedding field test items on the SHSAT, NYCDOE will be able to further ensure that test items are free of bias for New York City’s diverse student population. Field test

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