How do I prepare for my G1 test?

How do I prepare for my G1 test?

The best way to study for your G1 is to read the drivers handbook. Once you have a good grasp of the road rules and traffic signs. There are online practice tests to test your knowledge. Although they are not the exact same to the test you will be taking, they give you a good idea of what to expect.

Where can I get a drivers handbook in Ontario?

For more information about driver licensing, visit Ministry of Transportation. To request a copy of this book in an alternate format, contact Publications Ontario at 1-800-668-9938 or 416-326-5300 or visit ServiceOntario Publications.

What do I need to know for my G1 test Ontario?

The test is divided into two different parts and each part of the test has 20 questions each. The first part of the G1 Test will test your knowledge on Traffic Signals and Lights. You must know over 70 traffic signals and lights. The second part of the G1 Test will test your knowledge of The Rules Of The Road.

How many questions are allowed in G1?

40 questions
There are 40 questions on the official G1 test, and they are all multiple choice. The test is not timed. You’ll receive two test sheets, each with 20 questions. The first set of 20 questions is about road signs, while the second one is about the rules of the road.

How many questions are on the G1 test Ontario?

How many pages is the Ontario Driver’s handbook?


Publication information: [Ontario] : Road User Safety Division of the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, [2017]
Variant Title: MTO driver’s handbook
Format: Regular Print Book
Physical description: 222 pages : color illustrations ; 14 x 22 cm
Date acquired: April 18, 2018

How many passengers are allowed with a G1 Ontario?

What is the G1 driver passenger limit in Ontario? G1 drivers cannot let the number of passengers exceed the number of seatbelts in the vehicle. So, if your vehicle has a total of five seatbelts, you have a five-person limit in your vehicle (including yourself).

How many questions G1 test Ontario?

Can you drive on 401 with G1?

“Although there is no specific limit on how far, or how long, a G1 licensed driver can drive there are restrictions on when and where they can drive. G1 drivers cannot drive on any 400-series highway (401, 410, 404, 400, 407, etc.), for example, as well as the QEW, DVP and Gardiner Expressway.

How to book G1 written test?

How to book G1 Written Test? For a G1 written test you don’t need to any appointment you just can visit any Drive Test Center near you and give your test. They will check your ID and eyesight. The fees of the g1 test is $158. This also include the fees for your G2 road test.

How long is a G1 written test valid for?

The results of your G1 written test are valid for one year. G1 Licence Rules Every time a G1 driver gets behind the wheel, they must always be accompanied by a fully-licensed driver who has held their full, unrestricted G2 license for at least four years and who is 18+ years old. The accompanying driver must sit in the front passenger seat.

How to pass the Ontario G1 written test?

The first step at this stage is passing the written test. Now, there is a high rate of failure for first-time test-takers of the written knowledge test. So, the Ontario G1 written test has one really simple process for you to pass – get in practice on sample test questions.

How many questions are on the G1 written test?

You’ll need to get 16 or more questions right on each of those two sections in order to pass your G1 test (the total passing score for both sections is 80%). Your G1 knowledge test will be marked on the spot, and you’ll receive your results immediately. The results of your G1 written test are valid for one year.

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