How do you get into AQ40?

How do you get into AQ40?

The easiest way to get to The Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ40) is to fly to Cenarion Hold in Silithus. From there, travel way down south until you see the Scarab Wall, the outside entrance to Ahn’Qiraj. You’ll come to a crossroads: turn to the right and ride up the stairs that lead to the entrance of AQ40.

How many tanks do you need for AQ40?

Warlock Tanks in AQ40 In one of the most unique fights in World of Warcraft: Classic, the Twin Emperors encounter will require 2 dedicated Warlock tanks.

Do healers need nature resist for AQ?

Nature Resistance Gear for Casters & Healers in AQ40 As I mentioned before, casters and healers typically don’t need nature resistance for AQ40. During Princess Huhuran melee and hunters soak up most of the damage.

Why do you need nature resist for AQ?

For most raid groups, Nature Resist gear will likely be a necessity for getting through these bosses, at least for the first month or two of clearing AQ40. Nature Resist both gives players the chance to fully resist Poison Bolt Volleys, and can reduce the amount of damage received from the debuff.

Why did we open the Gates of Ahn Qiraj?

The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj were sealed by powerful magic, and to open them, an elite guild had to brave a number of trials to reconstruct a long-lost artifact: the Scepter of the Shifting Sands. This scepter could open the walls, but behind them a mighty Qiraji army waited.

How much NR do you need for AQ?

A total of ~200 NR should be sufficient. This is a collection of possible and somewhat easy to obtain nature resistance items for Princess Huhuran and Viscidus in AQ40. Not all Items are required. A total of ~200 NR should be sufficient.

How long does it take to open Ahn Qiraj?

After ten hours of this the crystals and their spawn will disappear, bringing the Ahn’Qiraj War to an end. From this point forward, the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj will remain open.

Do tanks need NR for Huhuran?

For this reason, tank rotations can be tricky. Tanks can use invulnerability potions or Blessing of Protection to drop aggro. Position is very important for the fight. 15 people need high NR because she enrages and spams poison volley at 30%.

Is aq40 a good raid to do?

AQ40 is definitely a raid that quickly scales in difficulty, with the initial bosses on par with Molten Core bosses and the end bosses comparable to Naxxramas difficulty. Because of this, AQ40 serves as the natural point of progression after completing Blackwing Lair.

How do I get to each boss in aq40?

In order to get to each boss you will have to face, and defeat, the trash mobs of AQ40. These have varying levels of difficulty, and the packs before C’Thun are often considered harder than most bosses, so make sure to read our detailed guide on dealing with them!

How do you get idols in aq40?

The idols of AQ40 are actually different though, although the way you collect them is the same. They are rarely dropped from trash mobs throughout the zone, or you can also use Greater Scarab Coffer Key to open up Large Scarab Coffers. Coffers are definitely more reliable for collecting the necessary idols for your armor pieces.

How do I get to the hive in aq40?

Once you enter AQ40, there is really only one way to go. You’ll encounter Skeram first, then go behind him to enter the main hive found below. From the entrance to the underground (marked with a star), you’ll need to follow one of the two clearing routes indicated below.

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