How does Crank High Voltage end?

How does Crank High Voltage end?

Chev walks towards the camera and gives the audience the middle finger. During the end credits, Doc Miles replaces Chev’s heart. Chelios’s eyes open and his heart monitor indicates normal activity.

How did crank 2 end?

You can’t deny that it’s tasty but the overindulgence makes you wish there was something a little more substantial there. For those who remember, Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) died at the end of Crank. He fell out of helicopter, landed on top of a car, bounced high in the sky, then smacked down on the pavement.

Is there a crank 2 movie?

Crank 2: High VoltageCrank / Sequel

What was in the red box in Crank 2?

Judging by the fact that Vang uses a cooler to transport it, and since the plot itself is largely centered around retrieving a stolen organ, it’s most likely a sexual body part from a human. Given the film’s overall tone and subject matter, the box’s vague contents could literally be anything.

Is Chev Chelios superhuman?

While in Crank, Chelios’ survival is described as a consequence of his consumption of epinephrine and his attempts to counteract the “Beijing Cocktail” with an increased adrenaline flow, in High Voltage Chelios is described possessing a bona fide near superhuman physique, this explaining the choice to harvest his …

Is there a Crank High Voltage sequel?

How many Jason Statham Crank movies are there?

The Jason Statham 5 Movie Collection (The Mechanic / Crank / Crank 2: High Voltage / War / Transporter 3) [Blu-ray]

Is there a war 2 Jason Statham?

War features the second collaboration between Jet Li and Jason Statham, reuniting them for the first time since 2001 film The One. Jason Statham plays an FBI agent determined to take down a mysterious assassin known as Rogue (played by Jet Li), after his partner is murdered….War (2007 film)

Box office $40.7 million

Is Kate the new John Wick?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead stars in the Netflix action movie Kate, whose new official trailer shows the actress taking on her own John Wick-style role. The official Kate trailer shows a vengeful and violent Mary Elizabeth Winstead finally landing her own John Wick-esque role.

Will there be a crank 3?

It’s got to be creatively driven.” Despite fan enthusiasm over the series, a studio would have to believe there’s a profitable reason for Crank 3 to exist, which there is currently no sign of. “Because let’s face it, Crank 2 is a really cool movie, but it made like $12 at the box office,” Taylor confessed.

Is there a crank 2 high voltage?

Crank: High Voltage (alternately titled Crank 2: High Voltage) is a 2009 American action film written and directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. It is the sequel to the 2006 film Crank , and stars Jason Statham , Amy Smart , Clifton Collins Jr. , Efren Ramirez , Bai Ling , David Carradine , and Dwight Yoakam .

How many units did Crank High Voltage sell?

Crank: High Voltage was released via DVD and Blu-ray on September 8, 2009 in the United States. At the DVD sales chart, Crank opened at No. 2, selling 305,000 units which translates to $5,345,078 in revenue. As per the latest figures, 827,000 units have been sold, acquiring revenue of over $15 million.

When did the movie Crank High Voltage come out?

The film was released in the United Kingdom on April 15, 2009, two days prior to its North American release date; April 17, 2009. Upon its release, Crank: High Voltage received positive reviews with many praising the acting, action sequences, humor, story and writing.

Who are the actors in the movie Crank 2?

According to Taylor, Statham called Crank 2 “the most fun movie I’ve read since Lock, Stock “. An April 2008 Variety report announced that Amy Smart, Clifton Collins Jr., Bai Ling, Dwight Yoakam, and Efren Ramirez had joined the cast.

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