How many copies of I too had a love story sold?

How many copies of I too had a love story sold?

And that is how I Too Had a Love Story happened. The book sold over a million copies and has been able to immortalize Khushi.

What is the price of books in India?

Books Price list in India (June 2022)

Catalogue of Title Entries of Books and Other Articles Volume 418-430 [Import] [Paperback] Rs.9,777
The Philosophy of Prayer (Volume 49; V. 384) [Import] [Paperback] Rs.1,122
Topics Entertainment Instant Play Piano Rs.495
Topics Entertainment 10000 Drink Recipes Rs.295

What is a normal price of book?

The average price of books varied from fiction to nonfiction and ebooks. All have different pricing strategies. Most paperback novels with a considerable size range from $13.95 to $17.95. So if your novel has 365 pages, it is completely okay to set a price around $16.96.

Can we fall in love twice book?

portrays how even true love can happen more than once. As Ravin meets Simar, he finds the pain in his heart decrease and develops a liking for her; although Simar is no replacement for Khushi. That’s how complicated and grey-shaded the area of love is.

How much is a 200 page book worth?

The average retail cost of a paperback book with about 200 pages ranges from $9.99 to $18.99. It’s important to recognize that this price range includes traditionally published and self-published books and holds true for fiction and non-fiction titles. Lulu’s paperback price is based on the print cost.

How can I contact Ravinder Singh?

The best way to contact Ravinder is at his Twitter handle @_RavinderSingh_. He is also available on Facebook at

How much does a bestselling author make in India?

Any author earns (best case) around 6.25 Lakhs, and spends almost all of that in making the book a success.

Can Love Happen Twice and I too had a love story?

Can Love Happen Twice? is a short, suspense and thriller novel that came out following the massive success of I Too Had a Love Story. Singh relives his personal life with these two books – on losing love and finding it again. Happiness, sadness, friendships and romance are the main themes of his books.

Do love happens again?

“Love can happen many times. If you fall in love and the person turns out to be the wrong one for you, you can’t force yourself to continue loving him, just because you believe that love only happens once.

Can Love Happen Twice character name?

In Can Love Happen Twice?, Ravinder Singh again introduces us to Ravin, who is coping with the death of his girlfriend Khushi. He then shifts to Brussels where he meets Simar, a rich and pampered girl with whom he falls in love.

Whats a good price for a book?

What is price per book value?

Price-to-book value (P/B) is the ratio of the market value of a company’s shares (share price) over its book value of equity. The book value of equity, in turn, is the value of a company’s assets expressed on the balance sheet.

What are book costs?

The book cost or ‘acquisition cost’ is the price you originally paid for your investment. The book cost is only for units or shares that you still hold (when you sell shares, we apportion the book cost between the shares you are selling and the shares you retain, and so the book cost shown goes down).

Who is the author of I too had a love story?

Ravinder Singh is an Indian author. He created a new wave of romance novel-writing with his first book, I Too Had a Love Story, which was based on his real-life experiences. He was formerly an IT professional. He was born in Kolkata in the year 1982.

Can I read I too had a love story on Kindle?

Start reading I Too Had a Love Story on your Kindle in under a minute . Don’t have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. This Love that Feels Right…

Why I always love mythology over romantic stories?

The Story You will Love. I Always Love Mythology Over Romantic Stories Because I don’t Think There is such Things Like Love. My Friend Once Told me that She Liked This Novel Too much and she constantly reminded me that you should this Book Then I bought Book. The Book Writing style is Good.

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