How many dealerships do Marshall have?

How many dealerships do Marshall have?

162 dealerships
Our locations Marshall Motor Group is proud to represent 26 manufacturers across a network of 162 dealerships across 37 counties.

Who is the biggest motor dealer in the UK?

AM100 (Source: AM research June 2021)

Rank 2022 Company Turnover (£,000)
1 Sytner £4,916,206
2 Arnold Clark Automobiles £3,798,200
3 Lookers £3,699,900
4 Pendragon £2,924,600

Who owns Marshall cars?

Constellation Automotive Group
Marshall of Cambridge has agreed to sell its majority stake in Marshall Motor Holdings for £201.6million to Constellation Automotive Group. Constellation, the biggest digital used car group in Europe, owns WeBuyAnyCar, BCA (British Car Auctions) and Cinch.

How many employees does Marshall Motor Group have?

5,000 colleagues
The Group operates 162 franchises representing 26 manufacturing brands in 37 different counties across England. We have a turnover of c. £3bn per annum and currently employ just over 5,000 colleagues.

Who owns Marshalls dealership?

Marshall Motor Group currently runs more than 160 franchised dealerships. Constellation, which is owned by UK private equity company TDR Capital, made its bid for the group, after the Marshall family, which owns more than 64% of the business, said they were interested in selling two weeks ago.

Is Marshall Motor Group being sold?

BCA and cinch owner Constellation Automotive Group has received the regulatory approvals required from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to complete its acquisition of Marshall Motor Holdings.

Who is best car dealer in the UK?

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Dealer / Dealer Group Locations
1 Arnold Clark 167
2 Evans Halshaw Part of Pendragon PLC 84
3 Car Shop Part of Sytner Group 10
4 Sytner Part of Sytner Group 98

Who bought Marshall group?

In documents published on its website late yesterday, the buyer laid out its plans for Marshall Motor Group – the 6th most profitable dealer in the UK according to the Car Dealer Top 100. Constellation will pay £325m for the listed dealer group after agreeing to buy the majority of shares from the Marshall family.

Who owns Motorline Toyota?

Marshall Motor Holdings
Marshall Motor Holdings has acquired the entire issued share capital of Motorline Holdings Limited (including all of its subsidiaries), for a cash consideration of £64.5m funded from the Group’s existing cash resources.

Has Motorline been sold?

Marshall Motors has bought the entire Motorline group for £64.5 million. The acquisition will add 48 franchise points including 19 Toyota and Lexus locations – brands Marshall is understood to have been looking to add for some time. Motorline was the UK’s second largest retail partner for the Japanese manufacturer.

What is happening to Marshalls of Cambridge?

Marshall’s move from Cambridge Airport has been part of the council’s development plan for the city. The site is planned to cease to be an airport and will become a housing development by 2030, with plans for 12,000 new houses and a commercial area.

Who are the biggest car dealerships in the UK?

What was the best-selling car in the UK in 2021?

Volkswagen finished 2021 as the best-selling car brand overall in the UK for the first time thanks to strong performances from the Polo and Golf. The sixth generation Polo supermini is safe, spacious and surprisingly refined.

Has Marshall bought Motorline?

Is cinch part of WeBuyAnyCar?

cinch is part of the Constellation Automotive Group, along with and BCA. The group operates a market-leading business across the UK and Europe, employs over 10,000 people, and is on track to sell 70,000 cars on an annualised basis.

What happened to Motorline?

Who are Motorline owned by?

Where are Marshalls Aerospace moving to?

The Cambridge-based aviation firm Marshall Aerospace has confirmed it’s pursuing its plan to relocate to Bedfordshire. The company announced in 2019 it will leave its current base at Cambridge Airport by 2030 in order to free up space for 12,000 new homes to be built.

Who owns the most car dealerships in the UK?

Ford is car market leader Looking at Ford’s sales figures, it is hardly surprising that the company had the largest number of dealerships. In 2018, Ford had sold more than 254,000 cars in the UK, making it the leading car company that year.

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