How many PPV matches has Kane had?

How many PPV matches has Kane had?

Kane holds the record for the most appearances in a Royal Rumble match at 20 as well as the highest cumulative total eliminations at 46. He headlined the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021….Kane (wrestler)

Debut 1992

How many times has Kane lost a match?

WWE Hall of Famer for the class of 2021, Kane has accumulated a total of 1220 losses in his expansive 20+ year career. Notably, despite his regrettable loss count, ‘The Big Red Monster’ holds the record for most matches in WWE history. Kane’s talent is a testimony to the legend he is.

What was Kane last match in WWE?

Edge’s World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania 27 was his final match before he was diagnosed with special stenosis. However, he managed to defy the odds and return at the 2020 Royal Rumble. Two years later, he’s still wrestling, and he’s fortunate to retire on his terms.

Who has the most PPV matches in WWE?

Wrestlers with Most WWF/WWE PPV Appearances in the Database

rank gimmick matches
1 Randy Orton 181
2 Kane 176
3 The Undertaker 174
4 Triple H 173

What is Kanes win/loss record?

4 Kane: 1561 Wins, 1325 Losses He has won every active belt in WWE, and is a Grand Slam champion. Considering his gimmick and title record, it’s normal to assume that he has a great winning record, but it’s rather mediocre. In his whole career, Kane has won 1561 matches and lost 1325 matches.

Who has been in the most wrestlemanias?

The Undertaker
The Undertaker has the most WrestleMania appearances of all-time with 26 matches in the previous 34 events. In those matches, Undertaker is 24–2 with the losses coming to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 in 2017 and Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX in 2014.

Who has had the most matches on Raw?

Wrestlers with Most WWF/WWE Raw Appearances

rank gimmick Raw matches
1 Randy Orton 455
2 Kane 442
3 Chris Jericho 425
4 Triple H 384

How many matches Kane won?

Record: 926 matches, according to Internet Wrestling Database. It’s a shame that Kane isn’t on more “Best of All Time” lists. He has been a workhorse for the company. He’s wrestled almost 1,000 matches in his WWE career, putting him 162 matches ahead of Big Show, who is second on the list.

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