How much does LibGuides cost?

How much does LibGuides cost?

http://www .; price: $899–$2,999 for annual license. Readers may use articles without permission of copyright owners, as long as the author and MLA are acknowledged and the use is educational and not for profit.

How do I create a Libguide?

The quickest way to create a new guide is via the LibGuides dashboard. If you’ve logged into LibGuides, then this is usually the first page you see. However, to get there at any time, simply click on Home in the orange command bar. Then, in the LibGuides Shortcuts box, click on the Create Guide link.

How can a Libguide help you?

What is LibGuides?

  1. LibGuides CMS, an add-on that unlocks powerful features for customizing, managing, and organizing your content.
  2. The A-Z Database List, which makes it easy for patrons to search and browse your library’s research databases.

What is Springshare software?

Springshare’s mission is to help libraries provide great service to users and succeed in a digital-first world. They’re quickly becoming the go-to cloud software vendor for libraries. Springshare is passionate about helping librarians shine in providing great service to users.

Who uses LibGuides?

Used by Libraries Large and Small Over 130,000 librarians worldwide use our affordable, easy-to-use tools.

Is LibGuides a CMS?

LibGuides CMS expands the functionality of base LibGuides to give libraries a comprehensive, easy-to-use content management platform. Its flexibility makes LibGuides CMS an ideal solution for many use cases within your organization.

How do I print a LibGuide?

How to Print from the Library’s Computers

  1. Open the document and select Print.
  2. Make any changes needed to the printing properties, i.e. paper orientation, 1- or 2-sided printing, and page size.
  3. Select printer, “Library Black&White” or “Library Color,”and press the print button.

What is LibGuide?

LibGuides are a content management and information sharing system designed specifically for libraries. The platform allows for easy navigation through and instruction on core and relevant resources in a particular subject field, class, or assignment.

How do you find a LibGuide?

You can search for a specific LibGuide via the search box at the top of the page or you can search by subject in the boxes below. You can also click the “All Guides” link to see an alphabetical list of all of our LibGuides. Each LibGuide will contain a number of tabs that will help you navigate through the content.

Are LibGuides free?

The Most Popular, Easiest to Use Web Publishing and Content Curation Platform for Libraries. Start A Free Trial! LibGuides is an easy-to-use content management system deployed at thousands of libraries worldwide.

What is LibWizard?

What is LibWizard? A Springshare tool, LibWizard allows you to create interactive digital learning objects. It has 4 parts to it: forms, surveys, quizzes, tutorials & assessments. You can see below how you can use each of these options. Forms: Ideal for simple data collection.

How do I know if I have LibGuides CMS?

If you’re an admin, you can check by going to Admin > System Settings. Under the General tab, in the System Information box, the System Version field will tell you if you currently have CMS.

When was LibGuides created?

Since the introduction of LibGuides at the University of Miami campus in 2008, the system has won the universal approval of students and faculty. As the subject guides are dynamic in nature, they provide easy access to the Libraries’ resources and to the subject librarians.

What is Libguide?

What is LibWizard Springshare?

LibWizard Integrates Seamlessly with Springshare Platform Embed Quizzes and Assessments inside LibGuides for an integrated Information Literacy approach. Associate LibWizard surveys with LibCRM user profiles for a deeper insight into your user’s preferences and feedback.

How do I edit a Libguide?

Go to Content > Guides and click on the Edit () icon for the guide. Or, from the LibGuides dashboard, use the Edit Existing Guide option in the LibGuides Shortcuts box.

What is a LibWizard?

What is LibWizard? A Springshare tool, LibWizard allows you to create interactive digital learning objects. It has 4 parts to it: forms, surveys, quizzes, tutorials & assessments. You can see below how you can use each of these options.

How do I transfer ownership of a LibGuide?

To reassign ownership of a guide, click on the Change Guide Owner () icon in the Actions column. (This option will only appear if you are the guide’s owner, or an Admin-level user.) You will be prompted to select a new owner of the guide and whether to also reassign assets created by the current owner.

How do I change my LibGuide name?

How do I add a profile box to Libguide?

Add a profile box

  1. Click the link to Add a box at the bottom of the left column.
  2. Give the box a name (example: History Librarian)
  3. Choose type = Profile Box.
  4. Save.

What is an asset in LibGuides?

Within LibGuides, assets are “content objects” that contain some piece of information and can be reused across many guides. Specifically, assets are the following LibGuides content types: Link. Media / Widget. Book from the Catalog.

How do I delete an unpublished LibGuide?

To see a list of all of your guides, go to Content > Guides. This will take you to the Guides page, where you can browse, edit, delete, or reassign ownership of your guides.

How do I save in LibGuides?

This guide will help you design an accessible, user-friendly LibGuide….Editors & Owners

  1. Click Content from the menu at the top of the page and choose Guides.
  2. Search for the guide by current owner or name of guide.
  3. Click on the person icon () under the action menu.
  4. Select a new owner from the drop down menu.
  5. Click Save.

How do I add books to Libguides?

On one tab Click on Contents and from the drop box, choose Assets.

  1. On the second tab (you will need to be in a LibGuide that you want to add a book gallery box to), Click on add a box.
  2. On your newly created box, click on the add/edit cog.

How do I add an asset in Libguides?

Manage Assets

  1. Add new assets – these include URL links, books from a catalog, documents/files, media/widgets or RSS feeds.
  2. Modify Assets – click the edit button in the Actions column to edit that asset.
  3. Delete Assets – click the x button in the Actions column to delete an asset.

What tools can I manage within libapps?

Within LibApps, you can manage the tools used across your Springy products, including LibAuth, the LibApps LTI tools, social media integrations, Image Manager libraries, and more. Check out the sections below to learn more!

What is my libapps account information used for?

Your LibApps account information (accessed from My Account on the command bar of the LibApps dashboard) is used to log into all Springshare tools licensed by your institution (LibGuides, LibAnswers, etc.) where you’ve been given access.

What happens after I connect my ILS with libapps?

After connecting your ILS with LibApps you can start synchronizing patron information with LibConnect profiles — creating new profiles in LibConnect or updating existing profiles with the latest information from your ILS without having the duplicate your workload.

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