How much is a MG TD worth?

How much is a MG TD worth?

Q: What is the average sale price of a MG TD? A: The average price of a MG TD is $17,920.

Did MG TD have wire wheels?

The chrome wheels have been tubeless since June 2007; the silver-painted wheels have been tubeless since April 2011; and the stainless steel wheels have been tubeless since October 2008. The black-painted wire wheels have always been tubeless. Tubes are only required if fitting tube-type tyres.

How many MG TD were made?

Total production for the MGTD was 29,664 of which at least 1710 were TD Mark II’s. Used with permission from Original MG T Series by Anders Clausager.

What year was the MG TD made?

The MG TD was produced from 1949 to August of 1953. During that period there were many subtle changes, but nothing drastic. See the pages on production for details on the changes of the TD over the years. The first MG TDs were manufactured in late 1949, and the model was formally announced in January of 1950.

What is the top speed of an MG TD?

Clearly, outright performance wasn’t the goal of the MG TD. A 1952 road test produced a 0-60 number of 18.2 seconds and a top speed of 77 MPH. But more than anything, the MG TD had the classic, easy-going feel of a car that was designed for a good time and not speed alone.

What is MG TD car?

MG (which stands for Morris Garages) Car Company answered the call for a more modern car by introducing the TD in 1950. It was a smashing success with 30,000 produced in just three years. The handling was much improved from the earlier TC as it offered independent double arms and coil spring in the front.

What engine was in the MG TD?

For the record, the TD is powered by a 1250-cc four-cylinder engine that produces 54 horsepower and has a four-speed manual gearbox.

How fast can an MG TD go?

The MG TD used the reliable 54-hp, 1,250-cc XPAG inline-four motor to reach a top speed in the mid-70 mph range.

What is a 1953 MG TD?

1953 MG TD – YouTube

How do I start my MG TD?

MG TD starts on the button ! – YouTube

What does MG stand for?


mg: Abbreviation for milligram, a unit of measurement of mass in the metric system equal to a thousandth of a gram. A gram is equal to the mass of one milliliter, one thousandth of a liter, of water at 4 degrees C.

How much does an MG TD weigh?

Car Specifications – MG TD

Vehicle Identification
Curb Weight 18 cwt. (914 kg)
Gross Weight
Original Tire Size 5.50-15
Original Tire Pressure Front (Cold)

How much does a 1953 MG TD weigh?


Engine Location : Front
Drive Type : Rear Wheel
Production Years for Series : 1950 – 1953
Price : $1,945
Weight : 2065 lbs | 936.668 kg

How do you start a 1953 MG TD?

1953 MG TD start up – YouTube

Are MG cars still made?

Following the breakup of the Rover Group, MG was sold to China’s auto giant SAIC in 2007, and although its vehicles are still developed in the UK, they are no longer manufactured there.

Who makes the engines for MG cars?

Who makes the engines for MG cars? The 1.5-litre petrol engine in the MG is a joint development with General Motors and SAIC, as are all current MG engines.

How reliable is MG?

ReliabilityIndex place MG around the middle of their reliability table at 17th out of 39. They gave them a reliability index of 105 which is just about above the industry average of 118 (the lower the reliability index the better). So they don’t score too badly when it comes to ReliabilityIndex.

Are old MG cars reliable?

Some are average, others quite disappointing, but overall MG’s dependability is nothing to shout about. In a Telegraph survey in 2013 about engine reliability, MG actually came out as the worst car brand for engine reliability. They found that 1 in 13 MG’s failed.

What is the best year for an MGB?

A brief review of the MGB’s history provides an easy answer to what is considered the “best” MGB to buy: The cars from model years 1966 and 1967 get that accolade. They still carried the classic body style, highlighted by shiny bumpers and a pretty grille.

Are MG cars cheap to fix?

Another reason MG cars are more reliable is because they are cheap to repair, and don’t spend that much time off the road when they do need to be repaired. This increases dependability.

Is the MGB a good investment?

Hands down the MGB is the best classic car investment, these cars have been going up in value over the last 10 years.

Are MGB going up in value?

MGBs are steadily growing in value while more exotic choices slip from the heights. Broad appeal matched with plentiful supply has insulated the MGB from market volatility in the past, and the classic car price boom of recent years only saw modest growth from these evergreen roadsters and coupés.

Are MG engines good?

Are MG cars good quality?

MG HS reliability
MG owners rated the brand’s overall reliability particularly poorly, with 35% of MG owners reporting a fault in the first year of ownership in the 2022 Driver Power survey, but the mood improved when it came to value for money.

Why are MGBs so cheap?

Not only is the MGB cheap to buy and run because it’s powered by a lowly 1.8-litre pushrod engine, but the vast number of survivors means club and specialist support is pretty much unrivalled – at least for a car that went out of production in the early 1980s.

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