Is Johnson a city in Arkansas?

Is Johnson a city in Arkansas?

The City Of Johnson, Arkansas.

Is Johnson County Arkansas dry?

Johnson County is Arkansas’s 30th county, formed on November 16, 1833, from a portion of Pope County and named for Benjamin Johnson, a Territorial Judge. It is an alcohol prohibition or dry county. Arkansas’s location within the U.S. The Ada Mills Bridge links the Arkansas River between Johnson and Logan counties.

What county is Johnson Arkansas?

Washington CountyJohnson / CountyWashington County is a regional economic, educational, and cultural hub in the Northwest Arkansas region. Created as Arkansas’s 17th county on November 30, 1848, Washington County has 13 incorporated municipalities, including Fayetteville, the county seat, and Springdale. Wikipedia

How did Johnson County Arkansas get its name?

Johnson County was created from a portion of Pope County, by the Act of November 16, 1833, and was named Johnson honoring the first Territorial Judge of Arkansas, Judge Benjamin Johnson.

How big is Johnson Arkansas?

3.645 mi²Johnson / Area

Is alcohol illegal in Arkansas?

Arkansas laws are somewhat unique in that private clubs can serve alcohol in dry counties, which are numerous. All alcoholic beverages are sold in retail stores rather than state-owned package stores. In most areas alcohol is not sold on Sundays, but restaurants can be the exception.

Does Johnson County Arkansas sell alcohol?

In 2014, Johnson County was one of six Arkansas counties that voted for Amendment Issue No. 4, which would have approved the sale and manufacture of alcohol statewide. The issue passed in Johnson County by a vote of 3,287 to 3,255.

What is Johnson County Arkansas known for?

The county was created from Pope County and named after territorial judge Benjamin Johnson in 1833. The first county seat was Spadra, located on the Arkansas River….Johnson County.

Region: Northwest
Area: 661.00 square miles (2020 Census)

Is there an Ozark Arkansas?

Ozark is a city in Franklin County, Arkansas, United States and one of the county’s two seats of government. The community is located along the Arkansas River in the Arkansas River Valley on the southern edge of the Ozark Mountains.

Does Springdale Arkansas have mountains?

Located on the Springfield Plateau deep in the Ozark Mountains, Springdale has long been an important industrial city for the region. In addition to several trucking companies, the city is home to the world headquarters of Tyson Foods, the world’s largest meat producing company.

Are there blue laws in Arkansas?

Although the state legislature is free to adopt blue laws again, Arkansas currently has no state blue law. Local communities are free to pass their own blue laws, but much of what remains is simply tradition.

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