Was Ripd any good?

Was Ripd any good?

Overall, it’s a directionless mess: too expensive for a B-movie, too grown-up for a kids’ movie (funerals, bereavement and jokes about Steely Dan) and too infantile for everyone else. September 23, 2013 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

Was Ripd a comic book?

1. It’s based on a comic book. While it isn’t as famous as “Man of Steel” or “The Avengers,” “R.I.P.D.” is based on a comic written by Peter M. Lenkov and drawn by Lucas Marangon, published by Dark Horse Comics in 1999-2000.

How many Ripd comics are there?

R.I.P.D. (8 book series) Kindle Edition. Welcome to the Rest In Peace Department,the devoted, yet dead, officers of divine law enforcement. Nick Cruz was gunned down in the line of duty at the height of his personal and professional life.

What is the movie Ripd about?

Veteran lawman Roy Pulsifer (Jeff Bridges) works for the R.I.P.D., a legendary police force charged with finding monstrous spirits who are disguised as ordinary people but are trying to avoid their final judgment by hiding out among the living. When Roy and his new partner, Nick Walker (Ryan Reynolds), uncover a plot that could end all life, they must discover a way to restore the cosmic balance or else watch the tunnel to the afterlife start sending angry souls back to the world of the living.R.I.P.D. / Film synopsis

Why was Ripd flopped?

R.I.P.D. was tracking poorly and Universal knew they had a complete creative misfire on their hands and reduced the marketing spend to cushion the blow. Speaking about the movie, Jeff Bridges was quoted as saying “I was a little underwhelmed.” Indeed.

Is Ripd safe for kids?

Age Appropriate For: 13+.

Why was R.I.P.D. flopped?

Is Road to Perdition a DC movie?

Road to Perdition is a 2002 film about a mob hitman and his son on the run from his boss.

Road to Perdition
Director: Sam Mendes
Producer: Sam Mendes Dean Zanuck Richard D. Zanuck
Writer(s): David Self
Release Date: July 12, 2002

Why was R.I.P.D. a flop?

Will they make R.I.P.D. 2?

2: Rise of the Damned. A sequel to the 2013 comic book movie R.I.P.D. starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges is coming.

Is R.I.P.D. safe for kids?

Is R.I.P.D. a flop?

The film was a box-office bomb, grossing $78 million on a $130 million budget, and was met with negative reviews.

Is Ripd ok for a 12 year old?

Why is Ripd rated R?

Violence is frequent but generally bloodless and cartoonish, with plenty of fake-looking computer-generated effects/creatures (some of whom may still be pretty scary for little kids) and lots of flipping cars and smashed buildings. There are also some shooting scenes.

Why is it called Road to Perdition?

The film’s title, Road to Perdition, is both Michael Sullivan and his son’s destination town and a euphemism for Hell, a road that Sullivan desires to prevent his son from traveling. Sullivan, who chooses his violent path early on in life, considers himself irredeemable and seeks to save his son from a similar fate.

Is the Road to Perdition based on a true story?

The movie is loosely based on actual events, and a real enforcer for mobster John Looney, who was betrayed by him.

Is there a ripped 2 movie?

2 Isn’t Going To Happen. While it’s not unheard of for a box-office disappointment to earn a sequel in the years that follow, the chances of R.I.P.D. 2 are practically zero.

How old is Ryan Reynolds?

45 years (October 23, 1976)Ryan Reynolds / Age

Can a 13 year old see an R-rated movie?

Children under 17 are not allowed to attend R-rated motion pictures unaccompanied by a parent or adult guardian. Parents are strongly urged to find out more about R-rated motion pictures in determining their suitability for their children.

Is Ripd good for kids?

Parents need to know that R.I.P.D. is a sci-fi comedy that’s likely to remind many viewers of Men in Black. It revolves around characters who die and come back as “ghost cops,” whose job is to catch dead people who are still walking the earth.

Is Perdition a real place?

Quick Answer: Sam Mendes’ film Road to Perdition refers to the name of a town: Perdition, Michigan. Though Perdition will ostensibly be a place of solace and safety for the Sullivans, a father and son who are running from the mob, the name of the town is ironically misleading.

Is Al Capone in Road to Perdition?

The Road to Perdition also stars Jude Law (as a rival assassin) and Tom Sizemore (as Al Capone) and will boast a cameo appearance from Paul Newman.

What does the term Road to Perdition mean?

If you say that someone is on the road to perdition, you mean that their behavior is likely to lead them to failure and punishment.

Was R.I.P.D. supposed to have a sequel?

The film was a box-office bomb, grossing $78 million on a $130 million budget, and was met with negative reviews. A sequel, R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned, is in development.

Why is Ed Sheeran in red notice?

Director Rawson Marshall Thurber told Insider that Sheeran being the movie’s surprise cameo was always his plan. “It was so much Ed that his name was in my notebook when I was scratching out all the ideas for ‘Red Notice,'” Thurber said.

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