What happened on September 18th?

What happened on September 18th?

1838 – The Anti-Corn Law League is established by Richard Cobden. 1850 – The U.S. Congress passes the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. 1851 – First publication of The New-York Daily Times, which later becomes The New York Times. 1862 – The Confederate States celebrate for the first and only time a Thanksgiving Day.

Why is September 18th so special?

On September 18 we celebrate National First Love Day. This day specifically reflects the first butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling, the first date, and that first spark with a romantic partner.

What happened on September 18th 2017?

Maria strengthens into hurricane, threatening islands hit by Irma. Maria strengthened from a tropical storm to become the seventh hurricane of the 2017 season on Sunday.

What are the special days in September?

Important Days – September

  • World Coconut Day.
  • International Day of Charity.
  • National Teachers Day.
  • World Beard Day.
  • International Literacy Day.
  • World Suicide Prevention Day.
  • 125th Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago speech (2018)
  • United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation.

What holiday is on September 18th 2021?

National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day: National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day (NHAAAD) is celebrated every year on September 18 and focuses attention on the needs of people 50 and older living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS, from prevention and testing to treatment and care.

What happened on September 18th 2011?

A magnitude 6.9 earthquake occurs in northwestern Sikkim, northern India, causing shaking in parts of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Tibet Autonomous Region. At least thirty seven deaths are reported. (Times of India) (Bangladesh News 24 Hours) (CNN) (The Australian)

What happened on September 18th 2020?

The News Roundup for September 18, 2020 : 1A Wildfires and hurricanes continue to affect large swaths of the US. COVID infections top 30 million globally, as the work on a vaccine continues. President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu celebrate a peace deal for Israel, and scientists search for life on Venus.

Which is the most important day in September?

What Indian holiday is in September?

Holidays and Observances in India in 2022

Date Name
Aug 31 Wednesday Ganesh Chaturthi/Vinayaka Chaturthi
Sep 8 Thursday Onam
Sep 23 Friday September Equinox

Is it a Full Moon on September 18 2021?

On this day the Moon was in a Waxing Gibbous phase. This phase is when the moon is more than 50% illuminated but not yet a Full Moon.

What is National Love Day?

September 30
That’s something to consider on National Love People Day, held annually on September 30. Many religions and non-religious spiritual practices center on the idea of giving love wholeheartedly without expecting anything in return….​National Love People Day dates.

Year Date Day
2026 September 30 Wednesday

What is the love day?

As of May 2022, more than 830 official proclamations have been issued by Governors, Mayors, and Councils from North America and Europe, recognizing 1 May as “Global Love Day”. A noteworthy addition in 2019 was a proclamation from the Dalai Lama honoring the day.

What National day is September 8?

Holiday Category Tags
Sep 8 Thursday
International Literacy Day Cause Activities, Awareness
National Ampersand Day Special Interest Appreciation, Educational, Obscure
National Dog Walker Appreciation Day Career, Dog, Pet

What happened on September 18th 2007?

18 Sept, 2007 Ukraine Chernobyl September 18th, 2007 : Ukraine announces plans to build a large steel covering over the radioactive site of the Chernobyl disaster, the world’s largest nuclear disaster.

What did the Moon look like September 18?

Waxing Gibbous Phase The Waxing Gibbous on September 18 has an illumination of 93%. This is the percentage of the Moon illuminated by the Sun. The illumination is constantly changing and can vary up to 10% a day. On September 18 the Moon is 12.27 days old.

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