What is ERZI?

What is ERZI?

son. Example Usage Strokes. 耳子 ěr zi. handle (on a pot)

What is SUÌ in Chinese?

Sui, meaning “years of age” in Chinese age reckoning.

What does Biǎo Zi mean in Chinese?

婊子 [ biǎo zi ]: prostitute; whore.

What does Shuǐ mean in Chinese?

Shui (surname)

Pronunciation Shuǐ ([ʂwèɪ]) (Mandarin)
Language(s) Chinese
Language(s) Old Chinese
Meaning “water”

What is Shuijiao in Chinese?

shuì jiào. to go to bed to sleep.

What is Biao Jie?

biǎo jiě older female cousin via female line. 世维会 Trad. 世維會

What does Yandao mean?

‘Yandao’ means ‘handsome’ in Hokkien.

What Chinese name means water?

Hong Hong
Hong. Hong is a Chinese name meaning “water” or “flood.”

What does Shuì Jiào mean?

What does Shuìjiào mean in English?

have a sleep. 睡觉 shuìjiào. go to bed. Would you like to add some words, phrases or translations?

What is Biao Di?

表弟 biǎo dì younger male cousin via female line.

What does CC stand for in China?


Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party
Shortest abbreviation
Simplified Chinese 中央
Traditional Chinese 中央
Literal meaning Central

Is Yandao a Hokkien?

‘Yandao’ means ‘handsome’ in Hokkien. For the handsome Singaporean.

Why can’t I listen to the pronunciation of Erzi?

You cannot listen to the pronunciation of erzi because your browser does not support the audio element. You’re listening to the natural voice of a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese. For obtaining stroke order animations, visit the links to the individual characters below.

What does Wo de Erzi Qi Sui da Le mean?

Wo de erzi qi sui da le. Wŏ de érzi qī suì dà le. – English translation: My son is 7 years old. Contact us! We always appreciate good suggestions and helpful criticism.

What is the Chinese symbol for resoluteness?

The Chinese associate its deep roots with resoluteness, the tall, clean and evergreen stem with honor and chastity, and the hollow interior with simplicity and Another very important Chinese symbol is the Ying-Yang symbol.

What is a symbol in Chinese culture?

Some meanings are based on the name of the object. For example, turtles are seen as a symbol of long life, because of their nature to live for long years. Fish, however, is seen as a symbol of wealth because the Chinese name for fish is “Yu” which is also the Chinese word for abundance. List Of Chinese Symbols.

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