What is the difference between freight and cargo?

What is the difference between freight and cargo?

In general, the term ‘freight’ is associated with transporting products or goods via truck, van, or train, whereas ‘cargo’ refers to goods moved overseas via ship, ocean carriers, or airplane.

Who is responsible for cargo operation?

The Chief Officer is responsible for the safe handling, loading and discharge of the ship’s cargo, and to achieve this safely and satisfactorily he would carry out the following activities and duties: 1.

What is cargo handling system?

Cargo Handling System is a training environment for the following subjects: Cargo flow management, analysis and optimization with Conveyors, SCADA and PLC control. Technical Maintenance of cargo handling systems including mechanical subsystems, control environments, bus-systems, electric drive systems pneumatics.

What is cargo terminology?

Project Cargo: Refers to cargo that is not standard size, height, weight, etc. Shipping Mark: The letters, numbers or other symbols placed on the outside of cargo to facilitate identification. Shipping Weight: The gross weight of shipments. TACT: The Air Cargo Tariff. ULD: Unit Load Device.

What is cargo management system?

Simply put, a cargo management system consists of a pair of rails mounted inside your truck bed. These rails have cargo cleats, which slide back and forth and allow you to tie down cargo. This is especially helpful when hauling large, awkwardly shaped items that tend to shift around while driving.

What is the difference between cargo and container?

General cargo vessels carry packaged items like chemicals, foods, furniture, machinery, motor- and military vehicles, footwear, garments, etc. Container ships (sometimes spelled containerships) are cargo ships that carry all of their load in truck-size intermodal containers, in a technique called containerization.

What is cargo logistic?

Cargo Logistics Meaning Cargo logistics is applicable to handling your goods, checking it, and tracking its process from point A to the final destination. The use of organized cargo and logistics agreements allows the carrier to ensure the safe transportation of your goods.

What is bulk cargo operation?

Bulk cargo is a shipping term for items that are shipped loosely and unpackaged as opposed to being shipped in packages or containers. An item may be classified as bulk cargo if it is not containerized and easily secured on a vessel. Items such as oil, grain, or coal are all examples of bulk cargo.

What is cargo handling procedure?

Cargo Handling Procedure

  • Customs Clearance Procedures.
  • Documentation Process.
  • Storage and Terminal Charges Payment.
  • Cargo Collection.
  • Check Out.

What are the cargo gears?

The term “cargo gear” includes masts, stays, booms, winches, cranes, elevators, conveyors, standing and running gear forming that part of the shipboard cargo gear used in connection with the loading or unloading of a vessel.

What is discharge operation?

OIL TANKER OPERATIONS (Discharging) Good planning is the hallmark of efficient tanker operations. Prior arriving at the discharge port an exchange of information between the ship and the terminal will take place. Once the vessel is tied up at the terminal, a ship-shore checklist will have to be filled out.

What is CIF in shipping terms?

Under CIF (short for “Cost, Insurance and Freight”), the seller delivers the goods, cleared for export, onboard the vessel at the port of shipment, pays for the transport of the goods to the port of destination, and also obtains and pays for minimum insurance coverage on the goods through their journey to the named …

What is the purpose of the procedures in the cargo manual?

The following procedures are intended to lay down Company minimum standards and to serve as guidelines for the safe operation of the vessel. Should there be any conflict between the procedures and diagrams presented in this manual, and those in the ship specific cargo manual, the ship specific cargo manual is to take precedence.

What is the cargo operations and technology area?

The Cargo Operations and Technology area manages the development standards and guidance related to digital cargo, technology and business processes with key initiatives and projects such as One Record, Interactive Cargo and e-Freight Designed for

What is involved in preparing a cargo plan?

• Preparation and approval by the Master of a Cargo plan including valve line up. • Calculation of Drafts, Stress and Stability for the vessel throughout the cargo • Cargo lines walked and checked, in correct status, particular attention to be paid to operation and the forthcoming voyage. valves and blinds that are not frequently moved.

Where are the officers involved in cargo operations positioned on board?

On board the Company vessels, at beginning of Loading and Discharge operations, the three officers involved in cargo operations should be positioned on Manifold, on Catwalk and in CCR. They will remain in these stations until full loading/discharge rate and steady flow conditions have been reached.

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