What is the value of a 1968 Pontiac GTO?

What is the value of a 1968 Pontiac GTO?

Vehicle Valuation Analysis

Bodystyles Median Sale
Convertible $33,000
Hardtop Coupe $22,000

What was the standard engine on the 1968 GTO?

400 in³ V8
The standard GTO engine was still the 400 in³ V8, but now with 8.2:1 compression. Power was rated at 300 hp (223 kW) @ 4,800 rpm and torque at 400 ft-lbf (542 N-m) @ 3,600 rpm.

What was the performance of the 1968 Pontiac GTO?

Since the powertrain was the same as for 1967 models, the performance also remained unchanged for the 1968 Pontiac GTO. In a road test conducted by Motor Trend, 1986 GTO finished a quarter mile in 14.5 sec. It was termed ‘the best-balanced car ever built’. It accelerated from 0 to 60 in 7.3 sec. Competition was getting serious for the Goat.

What is the engine code on a 1968 GTO?

The engine code was WT when backed by a manual. However, the code was YS when an automatic was mated to the block; this version also received a slightly milder camshaft. The vast majority of 1968 GTOs (72,793 of them) were equipped with the base engine.

What kind of interior does a 1968 Ford GTO have?

Talking of the headlights, the hidden headlights, available as option, were so popular that it is now hard to imagine a 1968 GTO without them. The interior was redesigned almost as much as the exterior. The three pod instrumental panel was new for GTO fans this time. The bucket seats remained a distinguished feature of this GTO as well.

What kind of tachometer does a 1968 GTO have?

An in-dash tachometer was also available, but the hood tachometer became something of a status symbol. Redline bias-ply tires continued as standard equipment on the 1968 GTO, though they could be replaced by whitewall tires at no extra cost. A new option was radial tires for improved ride and handling.

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