Where is Nelkir Skyrim?

Where is Nelkir Skyrim?


Location. Nelkir lives at Dragonsreach in Whiterun and usually stays on the floor below the kitchen or upstairs.

How do you trigger the whispering door?

The quest The Whispering Door isn’t available until your character is level 20 or higher. You must also have completed Dragon Rising. You can get this quest by first gathering rumors from the barkeep at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun and then asking the Jarl about his children.

What’s behind the old wooden door in Dragonsreach?

It is possible to open the door the Whispering Lady is behind without console commands. Simply get Whiterun Guards to chase after the Dragonborn and stand close to the door.

Where is the whispering door?

Investigate The Basement Door
From the main hall of Dragonsreach, head left and enter the kitchen. There should be a stairway at the end of the kitchen that leads down to a basement. You should see a door in the left corner of the room. Open the door and walk through the small corridor to find the whispering door.

How do I get the Ebony Blade If I took over Whiterun?

Acquisition. The Ebony Blade is obtained in the Daedric quest “The Whispering Door,” which can be initiated after reaching level 20 and completing the “Dragon Rising” quest, by asking Hulda, the barkeeper at The Bannered Mare in Whiterun, if she’s heard any rumors.

Is the Ebony Blade the best weapon in Skyrim?

It’s a Two-Handed weapon, but its damage output is more akin to a One-Handed one. The Ebony Blade is the fastest Two-Handed weapon in Skyrim, which lets players get in more hits in less time and proc the Absorb Health effect more often.

What happens if you open the whispering door?

As for the key itself, you can pickpocket the Whispering Door key off either Farengar or Balgruuf, or you can follow Nelkir’s advice to kill Farengar and take it from his corpse. When you have the key, head down to the basement and open the door, which reveals a small room with a sword and a book resting on a table.

Is Ebony Blade Excalibur?

The sword they’re looking at isn’t the Ebony Blade as it turns out – it’s Excalibur – but the real thing turns up in the film’s second post-credits scene, in the possession of one Mr Whitman. Kept wrapped up in a chest stamped with his family crest, the sword is clearly a family heirloom.

Can the Ebony Blade cut Vibranium?

The Only Thing It Cannot Cut Is Vibranium
despite its magical enhancements, the Ebony Blade is not infallible. There is one object the weapon can never cut through.

How many kills does it take to max out the Ebony Blade?

Killing ten friendly characters maximizes its power at 30 points Absorb Health per hit. The enchantment has unlimited uses and never needs recharging.

Is blade connected to Eternals?

Now that Blade and Black Knight are linked in their first MCU appearances in Eternals, this indicates that they’ll be much more directly connected to each other in the MCU moving forward.

Is the Ebony Blade in Eternals?

Although the Ebony Blade appears in Eternals briefly, its introduction into the MCU has widespread implications for the entire franchise’s future. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Eternals, now on Disney+.

Is Ebony Blade stronger than Excalibur?

Powers. Forged as a dark counterpart to Excalibur, the Ebony Blade is a mystical sword of great power but bears a terrible curse, one that feeds on and exacerbates the negative aspects of its handler to feed its power, making both it and them stronger.

What did Tiamat turn into in Eternals?

Once his palm has been exposed, Sersi began turning Tiamut into stone, eliciting strange cries from the Celestial. Surprisingly he also joined the ensuing Uni-Mind and lent the Eternals his power, preventing his own Emergence.

Is Black Knight immortal?

Afterwards, it was Sir Percy, Dane’s ancestor and an earlier Black Knight, who explained that anyone related to King Arthur, who also held the Ebony Blade, is immortal.

Can Ebony Blade cut Vibranium?

Why did Tiamut sacrifice himself?

Theory: Tiamut Sacrificed Himself In Eternals
If Tiamut sacrificed himself in Eternals and helped them stop his own birth, this could be key in Arishem sparing humanity and the Eternals as well, though it could also unleash a bigger conflict as he surely won’t let this go unpunished.

Is Tiamut a good Celestial?

His armour is able to easily withstand strikes from nuclear warheads and planetary impacts. Tiamut seems to be one of the most powerful Celestials as Galactus feared it and Uatu the Watcher could not see anything when it awoke.

Is the Ebony Blade Excalibur?

Which is the strongest Eternal?

Kronos or Chronos is the most powerful among the Eternals, although he himself is not invincible. He was created by Mike Friedrich (texts) and Jim Starlin (texts and drawings). He made his debut in the comic series The Invincible Iron Man #55 (1973).

What did Sersi turn Tiamut into?

Former Powers
After connecting with the cosmic energy and mind of the other Eternals, Sersi’s powers was increased to the point she was able to transform Tiamut the Communicator, an all-powerful Celestial, into stone. Later, she also transformed Sprite into a normal human with the remaining Uni-Mind energy.

Why does Tiamut help Sersi?

Once Sersi (Gemma Chan) took over the team’s leadership after Ajak’s (Salma Hayek) death, she discovered that they were sent to Earth to prepare it for the birth of another Celestial, Tiamut, whose seed was planted in the center of the planet, and it needed a certain amount of energy from sentient lifeforms to grow.

What Celestial is knowhere?

the Moon
During the Secret Wars storyline, Knowhere is shown to be the Moon that orbits Battleworld. Its origin is that this Knowhere is the head of a Celestial that came to collect Battleworld but was slain in battle by God Emperor Doom and its head is still in orbit around Battleworld as a reminder of Doom’s power.

Who is the weakest Eternal?

Kingo, however, is the weakest Eternal, which might help show just how powerful MCU’s new super-team really is.

  • Thena, the Warrior Eternal.
  • Gilgamesh, the Strongest Eternal.
  • Makkari, the Speedster Eternal.
  • Sprite, the Illusionist Eternal.
  • Phastos, the Inventor Eternal.
  • Ajak, the Healer Eternal.
  • Ikaris, the Overpowered Eternal.

Why did Tiamut help the Eternals?

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