Which motors are used in traction?

Which motors are used in traction?

The majorly used asynchronous motors in the traction are,

  • DC Series Motor. DC series motor is popularly known as the high-speed dc running motor, hence the torque of the motor is very high so it can bear the heavy load.
  • Linear Induction Motor.
  • Three-Phase Induction Motor.
  • DC Shunt Motor.
  • AC Series Motor.

Where are Siemens electric motors made?

Norwood Ohio
Siemens is one of the few brands that still manufacturers large AC electric motors in the unites states. These ANEMA electric motors are built in the Norwood Ohio plant up through 18,000HP.

Which motor is used in railway electric traction?

DC motors are used on trains is because of their high torque and good speed control. Compared to AC motors, DC motors can provide industry applications with a fine balance of strong starting torque and controllable speed for seamless yet precise performance.

Which motor is used in metro train?

THREE PHASE SLIP RING INDUCTION MOTOR has been used in DELHI METRO. Dc series motor is ideal for traction but the maintenance cost of which is very high also needs the conversion and smoothening of AC voltages.IM has less maintenance,high starting torque, cheap etc.

Which motor is normally used in electric traction?

The DC motor was the mainstay of electric traction drives on electric and diesel-electric locomotives, street-cars/trams and diesel electric drilling rigs for many years. It consists of two parts, a rotating armature and fixed field windings surrounding the rotating armature mounted around a shaft.

Which DC motor is used for traction?

DC series motor has develops high torque at low speeds, low torque at high speed, this is the basic requirement of traction unit. Commutating property of series motor is good so we get sparkles commutation. Torque is unaffected by variation in supply voltage. DC Series motor maintenance cost is less.

Which motor is usually used in DC traction?

Traditionally, these were series-wound brushed DC motors, usually running on approximately 600 volts. The availability of high-powered semiconductors (thyristors and the IGBT) has now made practical the use of much simpler, higher-reliability AC induction motors known as asynchronous traction motors.

Why is DC series motor used in crane?

DC series motor is best suited for DC traction, cranes as it provides high starting torque and easy speed control which is primary requirement of DC traction.

Which type of battery is used in traction system?

Traction battery power low is a common issue when the traction battery control module fails. So far, we have looked at traction battery flooded, 2v battery cells….What is a traction battery made up of?

Component Construction Material Application
Traction Battery Connector Lead plated copper cable all kinds of 2v Battery

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