Who owns Viking Insurance Company?

Who owns Viking Insurance Company?

the Sentry Insurance Group
Sentry Insurance a Mutual Company (Sentry Insurance) is the parent company of the Sentry Insurance Group and owns all of the issued and outstanding stock of Viking. Sentry Insurance is licensed in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Is Viking insurance the same as Dairyland Insurance?

Is Viking Auto Insurance The Same As Dairyland Insurance? Yes, Dairyland Insurance acquired Viking Insurance, so the companies are now one and the same. Aspects of Viking car insurance policies remain the same. Because of the merger, the insurance agency can now serve clients in 43 states.

How do I make a payment to Dairyland?

Quick pay: Submit a payment online without having to log in….Pay anytime, anywhere with the Dairyland® mobile app

  1. Pay instantly: Make a bill payment via credit card, checking, or savings.
  2. View documents: Access ID cards and other policy documents.
  3. Receive alerts: Get payment reminders via text or email.

Is Dairyland a real insurance company?

Yes, Dairyland is a good insurance company for high-risk drivers who have a hard time getting coverage from big-name auto insurance providers. Overall, however, WalletHub’s editors gave Dairyland a rating of 1.7/5 due to its lack of discounts, poor customer service, expensive rates, and limited availability.

What is Dairyland Insurance Company code?


CPAF: 172 169
DMV#: 128 11/07/1975
Dairyland Insurance Company 1800 North Point Drive Stevens Point, WI 54481

What company owns Dairyland insurance?

Sentry Insurance
That small business is now known as Sentry Insurance—the parent company of Dairyland.

How do I find out my car insurance number?

Check Car Insurance Policy Details Via VAHAN

  1. Visit the official website of VAHAN e-services and go to the tab ‘Know Your Vehicle Details’
  2. Enter a mobile number to log into an account or create an account.
  3. Fill in the details like the registration number of the car and enter the verification code.

How to contact Viking co of Wisconsin insurance company?

USA Coverage > Insurance Company Profiles > Viking Co of WI Insurance Company. 1800 North Point Drive. Stevens Point, WI 54481. (715) 346-6000. (800) 334-0090.

Why choose Viking Insurance Associates Inc?

At Viking Insurance Associates Inc, each one of our clients is given a dedicated team that works together to proficiently address all your concerns. We offer all types of Personal Insurance coverages to our clients in California including Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Earthquake, Individual Life Insurance, and Boat & Watercraft .

Why choose Viking co of Wi?

Viking CO of WI writes mainly private passenger auto liability coverage (90 percent) and automotive physical damage insurance (10 percent), mostly in California (51 percent of premiums), Washington (13.9 percent) and Colorado (11.8 percent) with the rest coming from 16 other states. Viking CO of WI offers quality and customer-oriented services.

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