Who won Project Accessory?

Who won Project Accessory?

Brian Burkhardt
Brian Burkhardt, 40, struggled to keep his Project Accessory victory a secret for five months, as filming wrapped in July. “The show was hard, but what was harder for me was keeping quiet!” Brian told EW the morning after the season 1 finale — and a viewing party at his in-laws.

How many seasons does Project Accessory have?

1Project Accessory / Number of seasons

Who won the accessory challenge on Project Runway?

Designer Lauren Brinkers
Designer Lauren Brinkers Opens Up About Winning Project Runway’s Accessory Challenge. The shoemaker explains why the prize money was essential in helping her business succeed during a difficult time.

Where can I watch Project Accessory?

Project Accessory, a fashion series is available to stream now. Watch it on Prime Video on your Roku device.

Who won Project Runway this week 2021?

Shantall Lacayo
Shantall Lacayo wins ‘Project Runway’ season 19.

Who won episode 7 of Project Runway season 19?

Between the two, Nina announced Chasity as the winner for creating a level of structure in fur that Esteban said is nearly impossible to do. The win secured Chasity the status as the first two-time winner of the season.

Who won runway project 2022?

(CNN) — A Nicaragua-born designer living in Miami is the winner of the latest season of “Project Runway.” Shantall Lacayo was named the winner of the 19th season of the hit series on Thursday.

Who won Project Runway 19 Episode 8?

In the end, their winner was Kristina for showing versatility, innovation and style. With four on the bottom, Brandon explained that none of them executed on every aspect of the challenge, but Coral and Prajje were the least guilty of it, so they were declared safe.

Who won Project Runway 11?

Michelle Lesniak Franklin
Lisa Jackson
Project Runway – Season 11/Winners

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